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Op-Ed columnist, @nytopinion. Author of The Road to Character, The Social Animal, and Bobos in Paradise.

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I’ve never seen art so clearly on my phone. From one of my favorite museums. And Ferris Bueller’s. https://t.co/OrOaTI5iL8
I have to spend a lot of time thinking about Trump. I sometimes wonder what all that attention on a guy like that is doing to me. This is a meditation on that problem. https://t.co/alJrXX2xNb
We now spend more than $20,000 a year in means-tested government spending per person in poverty. And yet the average poverty rate for 2000 to 2015 was higher than it was for 1970 to 1985. https://t.co/8wzdF8TJhR
Worst possible result for those hoping to deTrumpify the GOP. He won enough to avoid humiliation. 2 years of fighting with house Dems will further lock in his base.
This is looking like a two wave election. We knew the Dem wave was going to be big. Republican wave surprisingly robust.
Shouldn’t we expect Republicans to consistently overperform past GOP candidates in rural counties and Dems to do the same in urban? As national divisions entrench.
Trump has a clear, if noxious, national story. Do the Democrats have a national story they tell? https://t.co/vv6FIIz2iP
Over the next few decades, America will become a majority-minority country. It is hard to think of other major nations, down through history, that have managed such a transition and still held together. https://t.co/vv6FIIz2iP
This is an academic list of recent influential books. I would say only 3 or 4 had significant influence outside the academy.
Silos. https://t.co/F6zFEk0n97
In urban and suburban America, Donald Trump’s outrage du jour is on everybody’s lips. In rural America, by contrast, all that stuff is like a far off thunderstorm in Mongolia. https://t.co/gkdiSRzFZB
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