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Latest Scoops

Yesterday I had one impression of the maga kids from Kentucky. Now after seeing more videos I have a different more complicated impression. Makes all the hot takes seem silly.
I’m not sure any of the Dem presidential hopefuls are well positioned to take on the Republican nominee, Larry Hogan.
That early neuroscience breakthrough reminded us that a key job of a school is to give students new things to love. It reminded us that what teachers really teach is themselves — their contagious passion for their subjects and students https://t.co/jNhod2aD8g
This is awesome. A detailed analysis of drug busts based on “99 Problems”. Hat tip The Browser https://t.co/fj5eXKDOaK
In this small story, you see that when denunciation is done through social media, you can destroy people without even knowing them. There’s no personal connection that allows apology and forgiveness. https://t.co/yUGwg47UO3
Human beings are moral animals, and suddenly American moral animals found themselves in an amoral economic system, which felt increasingly alienating and gross. https://t.co/8C3xlibmkd
The way to fight economic populism. https://t.co/8C3xlibmkd
A deadly combination of right-wing free-market fundamentalism and left-wing moral relativism led to a withering away of moral norms and shared codes of decent conduct. https://t.co/8C3xlibmkd
I give Peter Thiel credit. This is a brilliant syllabus. https://t.co/wxGdxXSu1X
How to end the shutdown: the Senate takes the lead. https://t.co/wFZOuqi9oa
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