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People who make pandemic response partisan are lying to you. Americans in red and blue states are staying home at nearly exactly the same rates. There is little correlation between whether a state is red or blue and how it is doing in fighting the disease.

When the governors of Georgia and Florida opened up a bit, many on the left treated them as if they were serial killers. In truth, the people of Georgia and Florida are not worse off than before, and there’s evidence they’re actually better off.

One of the great problems of the moment is that morality has been replaced by politics—the language of sin, forgiveness and redemption by the language of power competition.

Inequality is a less important issue than poverty, economic insecurity and lack of opportunity. A very fine piece by @MichaelRStrain ⁩

This is the first time that a menace has crossed our borders, upended the daily lives of every American and rocked our ancient sense of safety. Welcome to life in the rest of the world.

But something more profound is going on. We are undergoing a more permanent shift in national consciousness, a reconstruction of meanings, symbols, values and narratives.

In the midst of a complex epidemiological disaster, to be anti-authority is to be ignorant. In the midst of a contagion, to act as if you are self-sufficient is just selfish.

the American identity that grows up in the shadow of the plague can have the humanity of shared vulnerability, the humility that comes with an understanding of the precariousness of life.

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I get the sense that this is not only the low point of the Trump presidency but the low point of the American presidency ever. Has any president ever been this overmatched by a crisis?

The intellectual decline of the GOP is astonishing, especially when your remember how different it was just 15 or 20 years ago.

When I started covering politics I was struck by how often politicians made physical contact with voters and journalists. It wasn’t about sex. It was about connection. Joe Biden, who emerged in that era, is one of the finest people I’ve ever covered.

Sometimes you change your mind in ways you never could have imagined.

Beto O’Rourke and John Brennan owe Donald Trump a public apology. If you call someone a traitor and it turns out you lacked the evidence for that charge, then the only decent thing to do is apologize.

I only wear New Balance because Nike was a goddess in a Greek culture that practiced slavery.

Only 12 percent of Millennials call themselves consistently conservative or mostly conservative. This is the most important statistic in American politics right now.