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Updated story on 18-year-old @Ricardo_Pepi9  bailing out the USMNT in World Cup qualifying

Berhalter on Pepi's debut. "He did a great job. Worked tirelessly, competed against physical cornerbacks, and he scored a really good goal. For an 18 year old, it's really impressive what he did."

While this is correct mathematically, I think Berhalter is pretty naive if this is what he really thinks. "Even if we would have lost the game, we wouldn’t have been out of qualifying. There are still 11 games to play."

Berhalter: "Five points, although we're disappointed with a point here or there, we’ll live with it."

Berhalter on the youth, especially the young starters: "They need this experience. They need to feel what these games are like if we’re going to grow."

Ricardo Pepi says he talked to his parents "They’re very proud of me, excited for the opportunity I got."

The details in this, by ⁦ @DianaMoskovitz ⁩, are horrifying. The way society fails women is appalling, and it’s a testament to Courtney Smith she didn’t break after everything her ex, Ohio State, Buckeyes fans and yes, Urban Meyer, threw at her.

Whoever had the idea for the Manning Cast was a genius.


Those upset at the Big Ten, direct your outrage at the leaders who have refused to do what’s needed to get COVID under control. We had the time and we squandered it.

Dripping with condescension and misogyny, US Soccer left no doubt what it thinks of the #USWNT . And all women should be infuriated

Why is it still important when someone like Carl Nassib, an established player in the most popular sport in our country, comes out? Because of this 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

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Oh, so NOW you want players’ voices to be heard?

As much credit as Simone gets, I still don't think she gets enough. She makes everything look so easy, and what she's doing is really, really, REALLY freaking hard. There's a reason no other woman even trains some of her skills.

@Kaepernick7 ’s protests cost him his NFL career. White America’s refusal to address the reasons behind them cost George Floyd his life.

If only the country had listened to @Kaepernick7  four years ago instead of shouting him down.

During national anthem, I saw: People walking to their seats, talking, taking photos, conducting along with Demi Lovato, guy in luxury box talking on his phone, another drinking beer. And then Chiefs fans shouted "CHIEFS" to drown out last word. But, ya know, respect.

Mahomes is asked what he’d say to fan who left after first quarter to flip the karma. “Watch the next game at home.”

Toronto Blue Jays pitcher's MLB career ended when he was lit up by the Houston Astros in 2017. Now he's suing them.