Black Americans / Love Country Holding Accountable

For Some Black Americans, Love Of Country Means Holding It Accountable

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Black Americans / Love Country Holding Accountable

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Refusing to extend eviction moratoriums while doling out $686,000,000 for F-35 fighter jets is a crime against humanity.

I’ve got free gear for the rioters: anyone committing acts of violence should be given a taxpayer-provided orange jumpsuit, and public accommodations.

Our country is facing bigger problems than whether Malibu gets to upgrade its street-sweepers. Struggling families need help now. Democratic leaders must stop blocking aid to Americans over their unrelated left-wing wish list.

Joe Biden, at the National Association of Black Journalists today, attempting to show off his cognitive skills, comes across almost totally incoherent. This is hard to watch.

Schumer says they had a “heated discussion” with the postmaster general, saying his answers were “not adequate” about ensuring ballots could be delivered timely and safely

What former Deputy AG Sally Yates’ testimony confirmed today at @senjudiciary : -FISA application was surveillance to target the Obama admin’s political opponents -DNC funded the DOJ’s politically motivated investigation -The DOJ & FBI demonstrated abuses of power

Crowds outside White House chanting, “Jail to the Chief!” while Nixon resigns, as viewed from Lafayette Park, this week 1974:

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"U.S. testing for the coronavirus is dropping even as infections remain high and the death toll rises by more than 1,000 a day..."