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By the way, I wrote a full review of MARRIAGE STORY a couple weeks ago.

Fresh from the shower/jammies fresh from the dryer/cozy blanket/dog/couch is a combination I recommend.

Good time to add that I once ranked all the songs in THE LAST FIVE YEARS in order of sadness.

Man, these guys really watched CATCH-22!

So Netflix, which was scrambling for its first scripted awards recognition three years ago, now has four of the ten Best Motion Picture nominees. That's something.

You can tell he got there early today because I had to cover the Golden Globe nominations.

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Here's a re-upping of one of my silliest pieces of holiday content.

I am currently preparing for both @pchh 's New Year's Resolutions/Predictions show and the Poscast Holiday Special. This combination is a LOT of pressure.


Please, please don't be the person who lectures that if you take a moment to enjoy anything, you've apparently forgotten all the pain in the world. All joy takes place at the same time as all tragedy. If you've ever had fun, you've done it while people suffer. It's not a contest.

It's like every day you have to get up, put your heart back together, and get going again. What a time.

As the Manchester news rolls in, recall this, from the good people at @onthemedia .

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I beg you: Ignore anyone who praises depression, poverty, insecurity, misery or any other unhappy circumstance as a way to be a better writer (or other kind of creator). This is hokey, romanticized bullshit that leads to unnecessary suffering for real people.

Today, I see AVENGERS: ENDGAME, and -- no spoilers -- I just don't believe Thanos can run all those tests on a tiny drop of blood.

Fox canceling the effortlessly great #brooklyn99  and bringing back Tim Allen is peak 2018, and exactly why the ROSEANNE thing and the disingenuous marketing of it is such a disaster.

Make sure you're not clenching your teeth. See if you can drop your shoulders from up by your ears. Take a couple deep and slow breaths. Wiggle your toes. If closing your eyes makes you dizzy, you need a break. (A few tips from many anxiety years.)

I wrote about why the Arrested Development interview cut so deep, even in an environment full of painful stories.

To all of you struggling: Take care of yourself. Go somewhere quiet. See a movie. Meditate. Tell someone you trust that you need them to give you a hug and not ask you why. Go home; mental health counts as health for going home sick purposes. Talk if you need. You're important.

I want to address something Jimmy Kimmel says here. "Comedy is very democratic. The people who are great, rise to the top; the people who are good, rise to the middle; and the people who aren’t good, don’t make it."