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Blackpink’s Lisa Joins BTS’s Suga With Her New Bestselling Singles

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Good morning. California continues to have the lowest COVID case rate in the nation. Vaccines work.

"The United States is buying another half billion doses of Pfizer to donate to low and middle income countries around the world," President Biden says. "It brings our total commitment of donated vaccines to 1.1 billion vaccines."

Remember, the current debt limit involves only *past* spending, not future spending or the current budget. Of $29T in current debt, $8T dates from Trump admin including tax cuts and early Covid relief. #TheFacts 

A 40-foot wall of lava on La Palma in Spain's Canary Islands is heading to the Atlantic Ocean, destroying everything in its path. Even more dangers like toxic gases could be in store when it eventually reaches the sea. Full story:

JUST IN: "Pwede na tanggalin sa labas. No more face shields outside." Pres. Duterte announces that face shield requirements have been relaxed to only apply only to 3Cs — close, crowded, close-contact.

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Taliban seeks to attend United Nations General Assembly in New York

“In the same area that #GabbyPetito  disappeared, 710 indigenous people— mostly girls—disappeared between 2011 & 2020 but their stories didn’t lead news cycles, Internet sleuths didn’t clog Instagram & Twitter trying to solve the mystery” @MollyJongFast 

K-pop band BTS open UN general debate with performance and speech

Here are the names of those 147 Republican lawmakers, many of whom would like you to forget their vote that day