‘I’m gonna be sent back to a country that I’ve ever been to and I’m gonna lose every opportunity that I have.’

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#WATCH | Delhi: Protestors attacked Police at Red Fort, earlier today. #FarmersProtest 

D.C. National Guard commander says Pentagon restricted his authority ahead of Capitol riot, which cost time as day turned deadly

Chief Justice John Roberts will not preside over the Trump impeachment trial. Newsmax TV’s @_Cappadonna_  shares more.

BREAKING: Biden to order DOJ to end private prison contracts as part of racial equity push

Today’s reminder that Senate Republicans passed their 2017 tax cut via reconciliation.

JUST IN: House and Senate Democrats introduce legislation to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $15 by 2025.

JUST IN: Janet Yellen sworn in as secretary of Treasury by VP Harris, becoming the first woman to hold the position.

"My sister is not a statistic. Her underlying conditions were love, kindness, belief in the essential goodness of mankind…" Deaths with Covid-19 passed 100,000 today. This is Dorothy Duffy's moving tribute to her sister Rose, who died at the height of the first lockdown.

More than 100,000 people have died with coronavirus in UK, after daily figures record 1,631 deaths within 28 days of positive test

We're gonna go with the Abu Ghraib model of justice with the Capitol Riot, which is that the small fries involved get time and the elites who enabled them get to pretend it wasn't their fault.