Indiana / Halloween

This house in Indiana is going as the 'This is fine' meme for Halloween — a perfect metaphor for living in 2020 🔥

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Indiana / Halloween

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Actor Sean Penn, cofounder of the nonprofit CORE, says that more federal Covid-19 funding is needed. His organization is working on a pilot program for testing in schools. “We want to make sure that we find ways to create bubbles the same way the NBA has,” he says.

'LEFT GRANDMA BEHIND': @JosephPinion  says "New York has one of the highest long-term care death tolls in the nation, but that did not stop Andrew Cuomo from being rewarded an Emmy."

Sarah Fuller is the third woman to play in an FBS game, joining Katie Hnida and April Goss 🏈

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@AliVelshi : "For every president-elect, the words 'to the best of my ability' is...a commitment to 'preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.' For Trump, it turns out those words were an excuse for the failure of his presidency."

Angry Tory MPs turn on Gove after ‘overwhelmed NHS’ claims

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively pledged $250,000 each to Covenant House Vancouver and Covenant House Toronto, according a press release.

NEW: Black Friday hit a new record with consumers spending $9.0 billion, an increase of 21.6% year over year, according to Adobe Analytics data.

Trump supporter who gave $2.5m to fight election fraud wants money back