‘What we have seen in this country are broken hearts and anger at the continual cycle of the casual acceptance of systemic racism’ — Cook County@SAKimFoxx  put the protests in stark perspective and denounced violence in this must-watch speech

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BREAKING: The U.S. has officially withdrawn from the World Health Organization

Mary Trump says Ivana and Donald gave her a three-pack of underwear for Christmas one year, and an obviously re-gifted basket of crackers, sardines and salami another year (with an imprint of a missing can of caviar in the cellophane wrapping)

JUST IN: Trump administration formally withdraws US from World Health Organization

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Breaking News: President Trump's niece, the first to break ranks with the family, is releasing a tell-all memoir and says he embraced “cheating as a way of life.” Read highlights from her manuscript.

“Look, there’s no law against ignorance. It’s not illegal to have opinions that are wrong,” Hanks said on NBC’s “Today.” “But there is a darkness on the edge of town here folks, and ... let’s not confuse the fact: it’s killing people.

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Boy you never would have guessed Donald Trump’s dad was a vicious tyrant. Not in a million years.

When discussing everyone who isn't taking COVID-19 seriously, actor Tom Hanks got blunt

Tuesday is #BlackOutDay2020 , when many Black Americans plan to showcase their combined economic might by not spending any money. Those who have to buy something are being encouraged to spend their money at a Black-owned business.

UPDATE: The man has been identified as now former @TedToddAgency  insurance salesman Daniel Maples. CEO @CharleyTodd  says: "He absolutely does not represent our values and no longer works at our agency. We are working with Allstate to release a statement shortly. Wear a mask. "

Deutsche Bank admitted it made a ‘critical mistake’ taking on registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein as a client, and agreed to pay a $150 million fine to settle charges over its dealings with the late financier