‘People take their power and their water for granted everywhere’ — This 16-year-old Indigenous teen grew up without running water and electricity just 1 mile from a massive coal plant. Now she’s advocating for environmental justice

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Top 4 teams in each conference to get first-round bye while other teams play elimination round. Length of early rounds yet to be decided, but final 2 rounds will be best of 7. For purposes of record keeping, regular season is declared over. (2/2)

Presidents often meet national trauma with soothing words. As U.S. deaths from COVID-19 near 100,000, President Trump’s message: It could have been worse.

Tomorrow’s Telegraph front page: “Tories revolt as voters turn on Cummings#TomorrowsPapersToday 

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New: Trump’s former deputy chief of staff won a $3 million federal contract just days after registering his company. He delivered masks to Navajo hospitals that may not work. Rep. Gerry Connolly asked the HHS inspector general’s office to look into it.

Police brutality is Evil. White supremacy is Evil. Systemic racism is Evil. Your lack of care for the lives of black people is a product of Evil. America is controlled by Evil. To everyone that keeps choosing to ignore this stuff what does that make you? #GeorgeFloyd 

@DrJenGunter : “What’s wrong with the way the vagina smells? There are no products here to make balls smell better...All these things are designed to tell you that your crotch stinks.”

The Conservative government is currently fighting the Daily Mail and the Church of England, both at the same time. Do they have any idea why?

A care home in France has created a ‘happiness bubble’ to help family members reconnect with their loved ones at the home

Low-income families in Hong Kong can now get free masks and avoid long lines.

Fuel me up! Super easy to do @ 6,000 meters & 600km/h