Macron called out Trump’s ISIS lies right to his face

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The Democratic presidential candidate joked about the possible option during a town hall in Reno, Nevada.

Taylor Swift's father recently fought a burglar who broke into his $4 million Florida penthouse, a newspaper is reporting.

Retiree saves California's oldest newspaper from shutting down

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Wildlife of the Central Highlands is arguing an interlocutory injunction is needed to stop logging while the extent of the damage to flora and fauna caused by bushfires remains unclear

"He's a racist, misogynistic narcissist with a Napoleon complex who shouldn't be anywhere near the presidency, but he knows how to use media and tech effectively." -- @espiers 

South Korea’s president Moon Jae-in called for ‘all possible measures’ to support the coronavirus-hit economy on Tuesday after Apple warned that quarterly revenues would fall short. Follow our live coverage here:

The number of coronavirus cases worldwide has topped 71,000, according to the latest numbers from China's National Health Commission.

117 physicians from 18 countries demand Assange's 'torture' be ended 'before it's too late' @wikileaks  @WLTaskForce  #FreeAssange