Rodney Reed

‘This is a miscarriage of justice’ — Rodney Reed was convicted and sentenced to death for murder by an all-white jury despite having a solid alibi. With just weeks left until his execution date, experts and witnesses still believe he’s innocent

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Rodney Reed

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BREAKING: House Overisght Committee reports that FEMA officials told them this week that only 9,500 ventilators are in the national stockpile and only 3,200 more will be there by April 13. Bulk of 100K ventilators promised by Trump won't be there until June.

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I will say this: the moderate argument against Bernie Sanders — that people are not interested in massive, structural change but incremental change — has fallen away. Covid-19 has insured that we will experience massive, structural change whether we want it or not.

JUST IN: Travel data of passengers arriving in the U.S. from China during the critical period in December, January and February shows a stunning 759,493 people entered the U.S.

#WATCH "We'd been working on screening of contacts for last 4 days.But what we saw y'day we'd not seen earlier.We sustained injuries but we have to do our job and will not be scared," says Dr Zakiya Sayed who was pelted with stones by locals in Indore's Tatpatti Bakhal area y'day

Delhi: Kanishk Yadav, a nursing officer at AIIMS has requested the administration to post him at COVID19 ward to support the team there. He states in his letter "Depute me at COVID19 ward at Trauma Centre; I am competent to handle all emergency situations."

As the U.S. faces the coronavirus, millions of Americans have continued to work, including those whose jobs are critical to the functioning of our society. Here’s how they are confronting the pandemic, in their own words.

New England Patriots plane transports 1.7 million N95 masks from China amid coronavirus pandemic. Owner Robert Kraft partnered with Gov. Charlie Baker to purchase the masks.

Unless the Fed and the US Government commit to prop up state budgets at pre-pandemic levels, we’re going to see a wave of crushing austerity that will insure this is a brutal, multi-year recession.

Authorities remove close to one million masks, gloves, gowns and other medical supplies after a Brooklyn man was caught allegedly hoarding the equipment. He faces charges for lying to investigators and coughing on FBI agents who confronted him.

Hey, watch this video of my interview with @SenWarren , in which she recounts what happened in 2018 when she asked John Bolton and the Trump White House what they were doing to prepare for a global pandemic.