‘I want you to unite behind the science. And then I want you to take real action.’ — @GretaThunberg  shared this powerful message while testifying to Congress about climate change

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best thing @HillaryClinton  ever did was spreading the Russian smear to @TulsiGabbard  - for now even the most ardent liberals have to admit how patently absurd this irrational narrative has become (one would hope)

BREAKING: In our lawsuit against Florida's poll tax, a federal court ruled that the right to vote can't be denied just because someone is unable to pay fines and fees.

"This is self-dealing, this is just the utmost grifting and arrogance, to take as much money and prestige as he can from his job and extend it to himself and his family...this just smacks of impropriety." - @RepCohen  on Trump hosting G7 at his FL resort.

“God bless you as always, darling!” After witnessing an elderly woman take a fall trying to wheel her trash can up her driveway, a sanitation worker made sure that would never happen again—walking her to her door each time.

This is the only news concerning @HillaryClinton  that I give a shit about today. We spent an entire election on this inane story four years ago because a lot of otherwise intelligent people deemed it important. Many of them still run media outlets today.

NEW: The many roles of the president’s lawyer: Giuliani -under investigation himself-met in recent weeks w/ sr DOJ officials to discuss a foreign bribery case for one of his clients that Giuliani described as “very, very sensitive.” w @kenvogel  @ktbenner 

Majority of Americans believe Trump's Syria move has damaged US reputation

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Watch astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir make history by performing the first all-female spacewalk on Friday—seven months after NASA canceled the 1st attempt due to a shortage of spacesuits that could fit women. It now has a suit that fits anyone:

Unmatched Leadership. Check out my commentary on @POTUS ’ victorious week despite all the attempts by the radical Dems & RINOs to stop him. #MAGA  #AmericaFirst  #Dobbs