In case you forgot who the queen of Keys is ? #GRAMMYs 

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Analysis: Trump’s and Fox News’s downplaying of the coronavirus wasn’t on par with other media, no matter what you read

Less than an hour after Gov. Evers announced the emergency action, the chief executive was already facing a challenge from top Wisconsin Republicans.

Russia and Qatar paid bribes for the 2018 and 2022 World Cup, federal prosectors in Brooklyn have alleged in a a new indictment that adds to existing charges and names four new defendants in the long-running case.

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Doctors at what is now Spain's largest hospital have told Sky News they are winning the battle against the coronavirus "little by little". @alexrossiSKY  reports from Madrid 👇

Susan Collins: Trump's firing of intelligence community watchdog "not warranted"

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Coronavirus: Why is Boris Johnson in intensive care and what treatment will he get?

Milwaukee County officials announce they've issued an executive order declaring that "all municipal in-person polling places shall not open and must remain closed on Election Day, April 7, in accordance with Governor Tony Evers' Executive Order" banning in-person voting.

Sky News understands that the Prime Minister had breathing difficulties and was given oxygen before going into intensive care but is not on a ventilator

Tyson has suspended processing pork at its plant in Iowa, after more than two dozen employees tested positive for Covid-19

This is worth reading. Much to learn from Taiwan’s public health policy response. Remarkable achievement so far given proximity to China and the original outbreak.