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Watch the President of the United States salute a North Korean general
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Watch the President of the United States salute a North Korean general


Until recently, it looked as if the 21st century would belong to the United States and the West, writes Eric X. Li. Here's what went wrong, and how China could fill the gap with a new type of soft power.
Dozens of families ripped apart by the Korean War have been reunited thanks to a June peace agreement between North and South Korea. #DailyBriefing
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Dozens of elderly and frail South and North Korean family members wept upon meeting for the first time since the peninsula and their relationships were torn apart by war nearly 70 years ago
I was lucky to be on-air today with @1a, which interspersed a show about THE FIGHTERS with live comments from veterans of the United States’ recent wars. Very glad to be in conversations like this. https://t.co/UxAbdSYXoc
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WATCH: Following her withdrawal from U.K.'s "Celebrity Big Brother," adult film star Stormy Daniels appeared on ITV's "Loose Women" to talk about her reason for pulling out from the show and her alleged affair with President Trump.

There were tears of joy today as families separated by the Korean War have been temporarily reunited in North Korea. Such trips have not taken place for the last three years.
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At White House @sendavidperdue reacts to #abolishICE: ”This is the United States of America. That’s like saying, let’s get rid of the Marines.”
And: “I think it’s downright unpatriotic and treasonous.”
Have you got what it takes to work in one of the most exciting, competitive news markets in the United States? The Detroit Free Press is hiring for breaking news. #journalismjobs https://t.co/KTYitoISTs
Beto O'Rourke's strategy to defeat Ted Cruz? “I’m not running against that guy. I’m not running against the president of the United States" https://t.co/WDAyvlRVvX by @hollybdc
Head of largest shipping company says Trump tariffs will hurt United States the most https://t.co/1JCpBE5j4m
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