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Scott Van Pelt

Actor, world renowned connoisseur and professional gentleman of leisure - Mr. Whitefolks. AKA The trendsetter of Muskegon

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Gimme the bridge now gimme the bridge now...

What do you know about drop the 💣?

Love that. A great university to offer as well. Stay hot on the trail and safe everywhere.

No worries. Enjoy the wknd. Stay safe.

Never tested positive.... 🤷‍♂️

This is tremendous. Congrats on earning something permanent. Welcome to the other side of the stage, Terp. Proud of you.

Why do people always say I was wandering around my whole life like this?


So many college and HS athletes saw their seasons, maybe their playing careers, just....end. No send off, no nothing. We want to fix that. Share their stories, photos & videos here. We should certainly have the room for some join the show. Let’s celebrate them #SeniorNight 

7 years ago in Newtown, CT was an unspeakably awful day. 7 years to the day, kids from that town and school did this. Sports are amazing sometimes.

I promised Tyler Trent we'd save him a chair on our set. We'll honor that promise at the close of the show tonight.

In NYC, at our upfronts, Kobe was backstage and all he wanted to talk about was coaching his daughter’s team. Such pure joy. I keep thinking of that video of he and his daughter at the Lakers game. Those girls....his family. My goodness, man.

What a scene. One guy in sports capable of creating that moment. One.

Stuart...Scott...Van Pelt. Man, we had fun out there. Crushed beyond description for all his families, including ours. RIP, my brother

What twitter would look like face to face. What was that? Nah, man. Big fan...big fan.

It’s noon on Friday of conference tournament week....I have no idea what to do.

I get that it’s an NFL Sunday, but Doncic has been the best show of the afternoon. 41/6/10 in Houston and he was unguardable when it mattered. He’s 20. It’s pretty ridiculous what he’s doing.

The Cowboys had a stripper flop house & won 3 of 4 SB. But an off day boat trip is why NY lost? Got it.