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@_D_Bo  @JayBilas “All sports is rigged”. “Refs have Arkansas. “Line was ark - 1 1/2 they are terrible at rigging the game they have money on.

@_D_Bo  Hey, buddy, you said they rigged the game. The team they “had”....lost. Better to say nothing and be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt. Think about that as a strategy.

I’m an Orioles fan. I was very happy for the city and for the Nationals. It was a fun team to watch.

Said the other night on the show, the Chiefs were the Ace. Either other card gives us SB blackjack.

It’s a crapshoot. Hard to know the right answer. Plug away and get lucky then double down and work harder.

I’m just worried that you’re so laid off at the top.

@GregWa23  @49ersThey  were the one seed and a solid favorite in both playoff games. I don't know what you're talking about. The NFC had a bunch of teams with good records and the 9ers could have been a 5 seed up until the last play of the season I think that's the only thing anyone "doubted "

@ThompsonScribe  Excellent work. Quoting and crediting in One Big Thing tonight. Look at @FredVanVleet  as another who believed it was better to "Bet on yourself " than fold. These are my very favorite stories in sports. Lessons for all of us.


7 years ago in Newtown, CT was an unspeakably awful day. 7 years to the day, kids from that town and school did this. Sports are amazing sometimes.

I promised Tyler Trent we'd save him a chair on our set. We'll honor that promise at the close of the show tonight.

What a scene. One guy in sports capable of creating that moment. One.

Stuart...Scott...Van Pelt. Man, we had fun out there. Crushed beyond description for all his families, including ours. RIP, my brother

What twitter would look like face to face. What was that? Nah, man. Big fan...big fan.

I get that it’s an NFL Sunday, but Doncic has been the best show of the afternoon. 41/6/10 in Houston and he was unguardable when it mattered. He’s 20. It’s pretty ridiculous what he’s doing.

I can’t recall being more nervous for an interview. I cried every time I thought about it. But my “co-host” has strength you lean into. We smiled a lot. What a joy to be part of this. S/C at midnight eastern.

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The Cowboys had a stripper flop house & won 3 of 4 SB. But an off day boat trip is why NY lost? Got it.

Every guy needs at least one friend who is not on the payroll who can say, hey fella - don't wear lip gloss to the Heat game. #Biebs