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He sits motionless, like a spider in the center of its web, but that web has a thousand radiations, and he knows well every quiver of each of them.

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The more I think about the Post’s story, the crazier it seems. IF the story is accurate, Rudy Giuliani is approached with a private citizen’s stolen hard drive, containing e-mails about conduct that on face isn’t even inappropriate, let alone criminal, & hands it to a tabloid.

This seems like a hugely important story. Not because nine ballots got thrown out, almost certainly by accident, but because it suggests DOJ is now an active participant in Trump’s effort to undermine the integrity of the presidential election.

I’m a bit surprised the party with a significantly older and thus higher-risk voter base doesn’t get more internal backlash on agressive efforts to make it harder to vote safely. Presumably many Texas Republicans would like to drop off ballots without driving 200 miles.

For every famous political figure exposed at these events, there’s going to be a non-famous staffer who never makes the news, who doesn’t have the same access to rapid testing and treatment, and who had no say in the choice to eschew basic safety measures for symbolic reasons.

The Trumposphere appears to be freaking out about the Clinton campaign having a messaging strategy around Russian interference, while folks on the left are bizarrely dismissing it as “disinformation.” This is all very weird. It’s both obviously true and totally fine.

They should just say: “We’re airing it anyway. You can show up or let Biden have 90 minutes of primetime to himself”

I’m also pretty curious about the claim that the laptop was handed over to the FBI. Again, IF the story is correct this is basically stolen property. Instead of trying to return it to its owner, they just take it and comb through private files?