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Nassim Nicholas Tale

Flaneur: focus on probability (philosophy), probability (mathematics), probability (logic),probability (reallife), deadlifts, Phoenician wine, dead languages.

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I have a weightlifting injury and it is raining in ATL. I need distraction.

Screenshots please. This is becoming fun.

This is yuuuuuge. Big to see Levantines are so Armenian. Ours is brewing with @PZalloua ; even more precise.

You need to prove you are outside that class.

Duration is irrelevant for memoriless processes. They change in parameters not in distribution.

BS vendors unite So Phil the rat @PTetlock  enters a debate in a subject he knows NOTHING about, in a situation beyond his understanding (I was attacked by Asness who blew a fuse, not the opposite for saying the Ilmanen study was BS). Simply...because I busted him as a BS vendor

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RWRI 14: Will be online, but stretched over 2 weeks. August 10-21 weekdays 8:30-12 noon EST (3:30-7 PM Damascus time, 2:30-6 PM Palermo time) We accept bitcoins. No more 2 days, all 10 days. We offer 20-40% scholarships. 11 Instructors (list TBA)

Have you ever seen anyone fuck with me with impunity?

For acceptance, we require a SINGLE paragraph bio. No fluff, etc. For scholarship, can be 1 ½ paragraphs.


Explain to me why we should spent taxpayer money to bailout companies (airlines) who spent their cash buying their own stock so the CEO gets optionality, instead of having a crisis buffer. We should bail out individuals based on needs, not corporations. #Moralhazard 

Why you are harming others by not "overreacting"

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MASKS One comment about masks and nonlinearities that these imbeciles are not getting. Reducing exposure to viruses by 30% thanks to an "imperfect" mask does not mean reducing risk of contracting the disease by just 30%. By convexity, it must be more than 30%, can even be 95%.

Never, never complain about your enemies. Only losers complain. Drive them to complain about you.

This is the strongest statistical association I've seen w/ respect to the virus. Wear a mask, mandate others to wear masks, & remember that @WHO  is criminally incompetent. To repeat @WHO  is criminally incompetent. PS-Don't get into elevators, buses, etc. unless your mask in N95

ATTENTION SALARYPEOPLE Next Friday when your guaranteed monthly paycheck is deposited, take a moment of gratitude for the entrepreneurs who took the risks so you get this risk-free income. Shaming an risk-taker for losing money is like shaming a soldier for losing a limb.

It's not the reaction that wrecked the economy. It's the LACK of INITIAL reaction that wrecked the economy. Proper border controls on Jan 26, plus masks & tests & we'd be fine now. The @cdc , @WHO , UK Gov helped spread disinformation. After 3 m, still no masks & tests!!!

The @WHO  shd be renamed WDO (World Disease Organization): had they not existed many lives would have been spared. Friends are smelling conspiracy in WHO's claims ("evidence based"conflation of absence of evidence for evidence). No, it's only incompetence. Criminal incompetence.

Idiots! Scientism kills pple's innate reasoning abilities & survival instinct You don't wear a mask jus because you have evidence that transmission is airborne. You wear a mask because YOU DON'T KNOW whether transmission is airborne. #Asymmetry .

I just published Corporate Socialism: The Government is Bailing Out Investors & Managers Not You