Nicholas Keung 姜巧樂

Nicholas Keung 姜巧樂

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80 per cent were East Asian; 11 per cent Southeast Asian; three per cent Indigenous; two per cent Black; and four per cent described as others;

#International #studentssay  #tuition  #hikeis  unfair amid #pandemic  when university courses are being delivered #onlinewith  no end in sight, and while students and their families are struggling financially as a result of the #economicslowdown  #Canada 

General arts & sciences, computing, engineering + landscape-architecture undergraduate programs up 10 per cent . Biz programs 15%, 1 Master program up 37%. All while the domestic #tuition  is frozen. #InternationalStudent  #Canada  #covid  #pandemic 

#Toronto ’s five most affecte #neighbourhoods  — all found in the city’s far northwest — have an average of more than 1,00 #COVID  -19 cases per 100,000 residents #race  #equity 

Dear #white  people flooding my email to letting me know how offended you are that I used the word “white” in a recent column on police inaction toward #TrinityBellwoods  #covidiots  and accusing me of “making things about #race ”

The lights are going out in #HongKong . As the world remains focused on fighting COVID-19, #China ’s rulers are steadily pursuing their own agenda, and a key part of that is bringing the restive city-state to heel. #democracy  #freedom  #autonomy 

If every time a #vismin  had to take leave for subjecting to #xenophobic  and #racist  comment, there would be no factory assemblers, PSWs, meat packers, farm workers working in Canada#brampton  @njaved  @krushowy 

#Farm #workersare  getting sick and spreading the illness just as #USAheads  into the peak of the summer produce season #outbreak  #covid 

#Canada is #forecast  to receive 170,000 fewer #immigrants  #PR ) in 2020 due to #covid , i.e. half of the #intake  in 2019, says @RBC  report. PR, #InternationalStudents  and #MigrantWorkers  all dropped significantly in 1st quarter. #immigration  #pandemic 

“The disruption will reverberate across the economy, given our reliance on immigration...Among the potential casualties: industries with labour shortages, urban rental and housing markets, and university budgets


“Child poverty rates on #FirstNations  #reserves  are deplorably high for a country as rich as #Canada  What’s worse is that these rates haven’t shown any improvement since 2005." #Indigenous  #Children  #Poverty 

Cineplex Odeon employees asked to take a 60% pay reduction or face lay off. Dollarama employees asked to take banked vacation if they miss work due to illness. Casino Woodbine workers wondering why their multi-billion-dollar employer can’t top up EI

“In Canada, We meet people from other religions and learn from each other. This still feels like a dream. I tell my kids they have to work hard and give back to Canada. Everything is possible here. Even if they want to become the PM, they can.”

PR apps in #Paris  visa post was 27,127 in 2015, 33,791 in 2016 but down to 24,430. But temp visa been up from 39,397 in '15 to 47, 658 in '16 and 56,922 last year. #IRCC  said other offices chip in and help, so why still long wait there? #GetParisVOworking 

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#TarekFatah says he was told “to f–k off to ‘the shit hole you came from” as 20 or more “white Christian anti-immigrants” and other “white nationalists” at the #PPC  event "slapping each other’s hands in high-fives and the Alabama knee-slap

My name is Amaan Khandhia, born and raised in Scarborough. I’m a Grade 7 student, age 12, an older brother, a son, an activist, a Muslim, a human being. What aren’t I? I am not a terrorist, I am not an immigrant, I am not the other, I am not an outsider ?

What happens when South #Korean  #boyband  #BTS , one of the biggest musical acts in the world, comes to your restaurant and you don’t have the dish they wanted to try? #Toronto  @karonliu