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CNBC - Geopolitical cold war with China would be a dangerous mistake, economist Jeffrey Sachs says

when you always suspected but then can prove that someone was just trying to use you

who's up for some extremely bleak roleplay? by @delia_cai 

any statements yet from the trump administration or team biden condemning the roundup in hong kong today?

was supposed to be on vacation for another couple of days but things are just getting too crazy

Inside the Wuhan lab at the center of the coronavirus storm via smart to give nbc new @NBCNews  today show this "exclusive"

Interesting essay. Says Xi approximated Stalin domestically, not globally.

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might beijing decide to not allow bytedance to sell tiktok to microsoft or another us company, given the precedent it would set?


Chinese Tycoon Ren Zhiqiang Who Criticized Xi’s Response to Coronavirus Has Vanished

The Chinese version of the nba’s statement about morey’s tweet is much more problematic than the English one. Do people at nba hq really think they can issue two different statements and no one will notice?

Calls to boycott the 2022 Beijing Olympics are going to get much louder

Xu Zhangrun, who published a rare public critique of President Xi Jinping over China’s coronavirus crisis, has now been barred from social media, and his friends have not been able to contact him for several days

Taiwan says WHO failed to act on coronavirus transmission warning via "Relationship with Be @FinancialTimesjing  blamed for not sharing alert over human-to-human infection"