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Author of The Wildings; The Hundred Names of Darkness; The Girl Who Ate Books. Columnist, @FTLifeArts.

Latest Scoops

+ Now that you know the depth of research and thought that goes into Collof's work, read Blood Will Tell:
One last link, and I'm off: Pamela Colloff's The Innocent Man, annotated:
"I have done many things for the Sangh, some of which I can’t even tell you."
+ Just two media houses (from West Bengal) - out of a bunch of mainstream English-language media and big regional media - held the line. Only twohttps://t.co/U56TeRpR6z.
"A vision quest in which her sentences rose up like feral hallucinations as I groped at their meaning"... Katrina Dodson on translating Clarice Lispector.
Big Indian media houses silent on @cobrapost's thorough expose of big Indian media houses. Not surprised, but the wholesale, long-term manufacturing of public opinion and the willingness to push the Hindutva agenda should worry everyone. https://t.co/Nr5cyV0QTN
"The highway goes through
the Amazon’s brain
like an ice-pick through an eye-socket . . ."

On @pascalepoet's astonishing Mama Amazonica, winner of the Ondaatje Prize, and Fauverie: my column for @FTLifeArts this week. https://t.co/oZCTy4rVLQ
"The house felt more like a night zoo, with moles and jackdaws and shambling beasts who happened to be chess players, a gardener, a possible greyhound thief, a slow-moving opera singer.”
Michael Ondaatje's Warlight: my review for @FTLifeArts.
From@BBCWorld, 100 stories that shaped the world. (I wrote about the ancient viral meme of the Panchatantra: https://t.co/eNG9ZDrPzt) https://t.co/hosmwyAkMm
"You need a different dictionary of words for colours." Anuradha Roy on potter's glazes.
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