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Author of The Wildings; The Hundred Names of Darkness; The Girl Who Ate Books. Columnist, @FTLifeArts.

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"She was here, I want to shout. And she was extraordinary."
Paula McLain, looking for Martha Gellhorn in Hemingway's home.
"Adding that he had no defence lawyer."
This is not where it ends. #FreeShahidul
“I decided to treat myself like I was a subject,” he said, “as if I was writing about another writer; I went through my diaries and letters and drafts.”
@alexanderchee in the @BostonGlobe.
"It was the messy moment itself I wanted to record, the limited perspective, the perpetual anxiety of not knowing what was happening or why." Olivia Laing, on writing the present.
Vir, that's kind of you! I don't want to forget either his books or his actions.
@SushantSin Thanks for sharing, Sushant. Standard obit, but I tried to be objective and fair to both the body of work and the man. The other piece is much more personal :)
@ishansaraf179 I could say a lot in response, or ask why, in that case, biographies exist, but instead:

The life shapes the art.
The life shapes the art.
The life shapes the art.

Thank you for engaging.
+ On Untitled-1: “Creativity and truth-telling require privacy before they can be made public.”
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