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When I was a young man in the military I wrote speeches and propaganda leaflets for my superiors... But at night, I started writing my own novels — the novels that would not necessarily be as popular or welcome."
"Women’s bodies so often feel unknown even to those who inhabit them. The questions we have about our bodies, because they are hard to formulate and touch on subjects that are private or taboo, become mysteries."
So loved this: "When I wanted to work, my children would say, ‘OK, shhh, now she is Shanta Gokhale,’ and they would go to another room quietly."
@saliltripathi profiles the critic, writer and translator:
And then the next day they tuck it back even further under the mattress like you were meant to rot in Duvet Jail forever.
"The world is pretty much — everything is mortal. It dies. But its parts don’t die. Its parts become something else... We know that there is replenishment. And that’s pretty amazinghttps://t.co/R8mF4FCtJP. "
"But I got saved by poetry. And I got saved by the beauty of the world."

Thank you, Mary Oliver.
Solnit: "But you can recognize how common such indirect consequences are, and how important it is to not discount them. The course of history is full of confluences and meanders, oxbows, watersheds, dams and floods, tributaries and distributaries."
"People lived on the land they farmed and were connected to each other and to the city of Paris by a dense network of paths and roads through the cultivated and inhabited land... the farming life was not isolating." Fabulous essay by @mirakamdar:
"Authorities seem more interested in silencing activists and journalists than in addressing the problems they bring to light.”
From @hrw, via @mg2411:
Terrain: Carrying Across, Leaving Behind - Nilima Sheikh
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