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@SaraK8848 Yes, agree, but in this case with the defamation suit against Priya Ramani, the public support and the adding of testimonials does make a difference. Also, courageous of all of them to take a public stand.
"But a book that stands up to being read three times is a book that probably has a claim to being the best of the year, not just something that’s a magpie pretty thing." @valmcdermid on being a Booker judge.
+ Update: that's 16 journalists from the Asian Age, not 11, adding their names to the many who've testified in the last few dayshttps://t.co/eq7HjLQ5I6 #MJAkbar #MeTooIndia.

+ About that 97-lawyer firm, it looks like it'll be a simple 1:1 ratio by the time women are done speaking. If they had any sense, they'd drop the defamation suit. And the minister.
And 12 more journalists come forward. "Ms. Ramani is not alone in her fight. We would request the honourable court hearing the defamation case to also consider testimonies of sexual harassment of some of us at the hands of the petitioner..." #MJAkbar
"He continued to write visas that had no legal standing but worked because of the seal of the government and his name. It has been estimated that over 40,000 people are alive today because of this one man."
16 public accusations against #MJAkbar.
Hadn't expected any political party to take a stand, but @INCIndia has accepted the resignation of Fairoz Khan, NSUI President, after accusations of sexual harassment. BJP, must step down.
Happy birthday, @TheRestlessQuil - trust you to spread the joy, and the courage.
I hope this will be confirmed and that there will be closure soon. Thank you for sharing your story.
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