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Delighted that Tokarczuk was awarded, though was secretly hoping for an Atwood-Tokarczuk or Anne Carson-Tokarczuk double bill. A 2018 review of Drive Your Plow Over The Bones of the Dead:

+ Favourite#Nobel  literature hot take of the day, from a grumpy publisher friend: "Time they changed its name to the Nobel Prize for European Literature and okay sometimes The Rest of the World. "

When you finally hear from a friend who's been silenced by the #Kashmir  lockdown for the last 68 days.

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From scandal to controversy to an elaborate hoax call made to John Banville, interesting times for the Swedish Academy.

Shirin Neshat: "“They don’t know what their tomorrow looks like, and that immediacy of vulnerability plays a major part in the work that they’re making."

"...all around them people are walking happily across this border in both directions. You’d think there wasn’t a border there at all. Adults are happily reading children’s books; and what’s more, children are reading adults’ books."


Next time you watch the news, remember this: "The Modi govt created a 200-member monitoring team...150 members were involved only in monitoring the channels; 25 members gave it the shape the govt wanted; and the remaining 25 reviewed the final content."

New records created every day. 👏 "An official in the I&B ministry said it is possibly a first in the history of broadcasting in India that a channel had gone on air without any permission from the government or even applying for it."

Now we're arresting economists? For organising a meeting on the right to food? I can only hope that Jean Dreze, Vivek and others will be released immediately.

It's become so rare to hear a leader who doesn't gloat or trash-talk his political rivals, and has a sense of humour. A happy first year anniversary as Congress President for :

Speak up against the hate-filled attacks on Kashmiris. No way to mourn our dead, and shame on media houses and channels who've whipped up this hatred and profited from it.

Crocodiles rocked: 500 to be evicted from their pond homes, to make way for seaplanes ferrying tourists to the Statue of Unity. In all the crores spent, no thought given to the welfare of endangered species.

The media tributes to Arun Jaitley are right to honour his principled courage during the Emergency. But the media, of all groups of citizens, should not gloss over the fact that he used power and propaganda against writers and students, exactly as it had been used against him.

"We did not get democracy as a boon and for free. We paid a price for it. For years, thousands of people were put in prison. Hundreds of thousands fought for democracy and freedom. Can we let 600 to 700 TV channels destroy everything?" - @ravishndtv :