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Who wants a giant statue when you can have a giant anti-CAA map of India? #ShaheenBagh , once more, demonstrating how creativity can thrive when the public really claims a public space. @tanwer_m :

@kapskom  "History cannot be revenged. The best we can do is strive to emancipate ourselves from its punishing torments by being honest about it. " Such a searing, anguished and heartfelt book; thanks for writing it, and good luck with whatever comes next.

"Historians aren’t prophets; I didn’t see this coming from either extreme, right or left. I hadn’t anticipated how populist rage against minorities... would go dangerously mainstream." Great, chilling essay by @simon_schama :

Beautiful. Jiriki & tariki. "An individual artisan would draw on jiriki (an inner power emanating directly from his soul without need of intellect), while groups...drew on tariki, a mystical collective power that was greater than the sum of its members."

A question, mostly for myself. Will you remember this time only as an age of petty tyrants, for the return of ancient hatreds, lynchings, vast prisons? Or as a time of great uprisings, of waves of solidarity, and determined hope, and visions of a better future, around the world?

@mirakamdar  Yes. But made a note to myself to keep a running folder of the hopeful — protests, acts of courage, tiny battles won, new and old ideals — to counteract the flow of despair and exhaustion around us. Only a week in, and surprised at how much of a difference it has made.

@AratiKumarRao  I see this as inextricably woven into the weave of modern tyranny, not a separate strand at all. The war against your own people always translates into a war against the earth; often hand-in-hand, and taken together, utterly ruinous.

Mukul Kesavan on faces of the #protests , and on Dr BR Ambedkar: "...both the promise of the Preamble & the republic’s failure to fulfil that promise, its unwillingness to deliver justice, liberty, equality and fraternity to its most vulnerable citizens."


New records created every day. 👏 "An official in the I&B ministry said it is possibly a first in the history of broadcasting in India that a channel had gone on air without any permission from the government or even applying for it."

Something I want to say to former colleagues in the media. Yesterday, many of you were far too quick to believe that students at the #CABProtests  were responsible for acts of violence and arson. This was totally untrue, but your initial reactions caused a lot of damage. +

Another hero, because he does the job the media's supposed to do. Ravish at Jantar Mantar.

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"...a majoritarian judgement was delivered within a majoritarian ethos to please the majority? Does it set a precedent? We have an ancient history when entire cities have been built on the ruins of other cities. (Delhi was razed and rebuilt seven times)."

Fascinating. With under 17K tweets, pro-CAA tweets are trending at numbers higher than #CAA_NRC_Protest  — which has 108K tweets. And with under 17K tweets, pro-Modi tweets are trending higher than the anti-Modi tweets, at 101K tweets and rising. Twitter's perfect algorithms.

+ Some urgent questions: - why were the police on the Jamia campus without the VC's permission? - why was brutal force used in AMU and Jamia, and why were students denied access to medical treatment? - are reports of sexual abuse of women true? - who ordered the police crackdown?