Canadian / United Nations Declaration Rights / Indigenous Peoples / Senate

There's my colleague @RomeoSaganash  's bill C262, which would ensure that Canadian laws are in harmony with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. It would be an important step towards justice but apparently it's not good enough for our Senate.

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Canadian / United Nations Declaration Rights / Indigenous Peoples / Senate

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You can love someone and STILL hold them accountable. Love is not exempt of accountability. They can go hand and hand.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is a 1981 graduate of Washington & Jefferson College in Washington, Pennsylvania.  Has he urged his alma mater to drop both the Washington and Jefferson names?  I guess that would leave the word "and."

1. All day long, the Democrats and their media have been throwing a wet blanket on economic growth and have been desperately trying to paint the president as having mishandled the pandemic.

Yes white people need to do the work to dismantle systemic racism, white supremacy, etc. And yes men (& those who benefit from the systems) need 2 do the work 2 dismantle patriarchy, sexism & misogyny. You must call in those w/ toxic behaviors even if it’s YOU. EVERY DAY.

2. Actually, the opposite is true.  The issue is not daily cases, it's deaths.  The death rate is, thankfully, way down.  And an enormous amount of tests are being done.  Joe Biden and his party are a joke.

Lurch is back with his usual lies and hyperbole

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Mina says the AOA members visited her and Jimin apologized

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