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“You report to Facebook, they do nothing. There’s incitements to violence against entire communities and Facebook says it doesn’t violate community standards.”

RT @maggieNYT: One B, sir (or Dan?). Here’s the story that seems to have touched a nerve. https://t.co/M34kkP0sQb https://t.co/V73uBzg7wJ
RT @jonathanweisman: Mr. President, I have b@maggieNYTeen standing next to @maggieNYT when you called her cell phone. She has one B in her last name…https://t.co/6eHDIsPcCL
Where Countries Are Tinderboxes and Facebook Is a Match https://t.co/sWjcNIekEt
As a former Forbes rich list fact checker, I can tell you this is 100% false. Most people I called tried very hard to GET OFF the list (Makes you a huge target for charities, IRS, kidnappers). Only Trump and a handful of others actually tried to BS their way UP the list.https://t.co/qZFstIDbIS
Did @RepGoodlatte @DevinNunes @TGowdySC even bother to read Comey’s memos before they leaked them/pushed to make them public?

This is new: “Information in the dossier was consistent with and corroborated by other intelligence.” https://t.co/aFY6VOjEw4
What? What does “make a new friend” mean?! “They spend a couple days in jail. Make a new friend. And they are ready to talk.” #ComeyMemos
I have now unofficially polled 10 people at #RSAC “Do you think Trump is compromised?” 10/10 said “Yes.”
Hey guy behind me on the plane, Maybe stop talking about how badly hackers pwned your company (or at least stop saying your company’s name over and over again) en route to #RSAC 🕵️‍♀️
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