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1. LAW
a published false statement that is damaging to a person's reputation; a written defamation.
Wall Street Journal’s alerts these days never cease to amaze.
Yes. Thanks for circling back to this @kevincollier https://t.co/jXSdSgYa6u
@marcwrogers @JohnHultquist @snowbrick_ @SangerNYT Sorry to nitpick, Marc. But you sure sound pretty sanctimonious for a guy who was 100% sure it WAS NOT North Korea and even posited the half-baked theory that it was a Sony employee, then broadcasted as much on every media outlet that would have you. https://t.co/RpNGHE0ue7
It’s so good. This makes me so happy.
Oh and this one too @marcwrogers https://t.co/MevvGXPCgD Ok,
ok, I’ll stop now.
The tusks of 87 elephant corpses were hacked off by poachers in Botswana- in one of the worst elephant slaughters in years.

China banned its ivory trade but this hasn’t deterred illegal syndicates from rushing in to meet Chinese demand for ivory. https://t.co/p0xRH1absa
Incredible. Woodward reports that after Charlottesville, Cohn’s daughter found a swastika on her dorm room. When he threatened to resign, Trump called it treason. Kelly told Cohn that Cohn should have shoved his resignation letter up Trump’s “ass” 6 times. https://t.co/IgEQzMz4dI
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