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If the answer to bad speech is more speech, the answer to Gone With the Wind is to watch it in concert with movies such as 12 Years a Slave and Django Unchained. Latest for @reason 

Looking forward to Columbus statues being torn down by folks wearing Che Guevara t-shirts.

Why police reform is a quintessential libertarian issue. Great, provocative @reason  q&a with @radleybalko  of the @washingtonpost  abt #georgefloyd  #BreonnaTaylor  #BLM 

"As far as cancel culture goes, this is a new and depressing low point." @robbysoave  in @reason. 

"Acceptable expression is being squeezed into smaller and smaller confines, even as we have the infinite horizons of cyberspace open before us." My latest at @reason. 

Today's @reason  Interview podcast is with @wesyang.  It's the longest I've taped and one of the best--his read of the current protest moment is fascinating and deeply troubling. If you care about race relations, pluralism, #BLM,  culture, check it out