Sanders / Democrats / Chinese

With Schumer’s support of the Sanders 10% cut in national defense the Democrats have added defund the military to defund the police. Anyone committed to protecting you should be cut while those who want to hurt you should be “respected.” The Chinese and criminals are both happy.

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Sanders / Democrats / Chinese

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The last thing we need is for our country to be any more like San Francisco.

Sad to see the damage from the derecho in Midwest. 112 mile per hour winds in Midway, Iowa! The Federal government is in close coordination with State officials. We are with you all the way - Stay safe and strong!

NEW: ActBlue processed more than $6 million in donations between 4pm and 6pm

Trump's listlessness tonight and his early exit after several questions about Kamala Harris probably tells you more than any of the attack lines he tested out.

Every time @realDonald Trump speaks about women who oppose him he calls them “nasty,” which is doubly noteworthy because who on earth is nastier on a regular basis than Trump?

Hey guys, I got the UNREDACTED version of the State Dept inspector general’s report into Mike Pompeo and Saudi arms sales. Guess what? The stuff that was redacted was kind of a big deal:

"What you're seeing in Portland, Seattle, New York, Chicago is really the Democrat roadmap for America."

The Speaker & Democratic Leader say not another dime for testing, treatments, or vaccines unless they get a huge tax cut for blue-state millionaires. Taking our health system hostage over longtime, non-COVID-related, liberal demands. This is a crisis. Let's govern like it.

President @realDonaldTrump  just announced that we've reached an agreement with Moderna to manufacture and deliver 100 million doses of their COVID-19 vaccine candidate! There are now 3 vaccine candidates in Phase 3—the final stage of trials!