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Husband, father, grandfather, citizen, small businessman, author, former Speaker of the House.

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There are many factors that could've changed the outcome of D-Day. In this wk's episode of my "What If?" history FB show, I look at what could've happened if the Allies had failed. Watch and follow show: https://t.co/qDSoz850Gn
Republicans need a new strategy after last night's loss in Alabama. Here's where they should start: https://t.co/4CExCCGqBM
The imbalance in the Justice Department's entire process between the Clinton investigation and the way they've gone after the President is staggeringly corrupt. https://t.co/86ZlM3tNGS
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Tax Bill Is Christmas Present Americans Have Been Waiting For https://t.co/S7yrNSj1Nu
.@realDonaldTrump move on open skies lets gulf carriers know they can’t keep illegally subsidizing their airlines and harming US airlines/workers. As I wrote, “supporting free trade requires enforcing free trade agreements.”
Piers Morgan: Trump keeps his promises. Lib media hate it https://t.co/x1uofPShEV
Sarah Sanders did a great job today. She mastered both the facts and the reporters. Very impressive!
The level of profound dishonesty that we're learning about at the FBI is astonishing. The swamp is much deeper than we thought. https://t.co/NMJrvZ9Nzh
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Franken 1,053,205 Minnesotans picked him for senate in 2014
30 self appointed 'pure'senators want him out
What happened to popular vote
We're already above 3 percent real growth, and if Republicans get tax bill to @POTUS by Christmas, we'll likely see 4 percent growth in 2018. https://t.co/BJ1PR0JrvU
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