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Husband, father, grandfather, citizen, small businessman, author, former Speaker of the House.

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Joining @seanhannity at 9:35pET to discuss #Midterms2018. Watch on @FoxNews. https://t.co/0ZWzz8SzS3
There are three big things from the #Kavanaugh effect that'll impact the #midterms. Here's what they are: https://t.co/m86N3XISlL
If Laura Ingraham’s estimate of $7,000 per person is right the curret caravan is at least a $21 million project. Paid for by someone who wants to undermine America.
Who is paying for this Central American caravan of 3,000 people so they can attack American sovereignty?if this caravan succeeds how big will the next one be? Why do news media and the Democrats favor law breakers?
Just did a @facebook live on the #Kavanaugh effect and the three impacts it'll have on #Midterms2018. Watch ➡️ https://t.co/OOBj4ueWet
.@potus is totally right about the dangers of @BernieSanders's Medicare for All legislation https://t.co/6KCU9nUzX2
Third impact of #Kavanaugh effect is that the choice this fall will be between two teams — the radical Left and the GOP who wants to create jobs and keep our country safe. https://t.co/pfzCvXnkhe
Second impact of #Kavanaugh effect was that it caused the mask to come off — we saw how radical the Left truly is. Their attempts to seem moderate have completely disintegrated. Live now: https://t.co/pfzCvXnkhe
First impact of #Kavanaugh effect was that it energized Republicans ahead of #Midterms2018. Discussing live now on @facebook: https://t.co/pfzCvXnkhe
Live on @facebook now discussing the #Kavanaugh effect on the #MidtermElections2018. Watch: https://t.co/fpnDF0gmaC
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