Trump / Health Organization

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Trump / Health Organization

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Players with three 60-point games in an NBA season: Wilt Chamberlain Damian Lillard End of list.

Source: The Big 12 Presidents are wrapping up their call. The league is going to continue to pursue playing this season. A schedule, which was already prepared, will be released in the near future. This confirms what our @Rivals  friends at @SoonerScoop  reported.

"When you graduate from an HBCU, you believe that you can take on the world." @KeishaBottoms  on Kamala Harris' HBCU background. #TheReidOut 

& why is the $116mm $KODK stock “gift” to charity SO bad? When you give $116mm in stock to a charity, you get to deduct from your taxes based on price on date of the gift. It doesn’t matter that the stock is now worth $30mm THIS WARRANTS GOVERNMENT ATTENTION

Biden: I'm running as a kindly old non-threatening moderate. Twitter: You should probably pick a wildly threatening, manipulative radical. Biden: Done.

"Joe Biden deserves tremendous credit for making that history happen. For ignoring those who told them to avoid ambitious women and those who cautioned him against women who dared to hold him account on the matter of race." @JoyAnnReid  on #TheReidOut .

The Trump administration told hospitals to stop reporting data to the CDC, and report it to HHS instead. Vice President Mike Pence said the information would continue to be released publicly. It hasn’t worked out as promised.

Filipino boy group SB19 hits new peaks this week on the Billboard charts as it reaches the No. 2 spot on Social 50 and No. 6 on Emerging Artists charts. LIVESTREAM:

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Barely a week after Georgia reopened its public schools, one school district has ordered 925 students, teachers and staff to self-quarantine after dozens tested positive for the coronavirus.

The GOP and Dems are going in "vastly different directions," says @Bakari_Sellers . "The country is becoming more diverse…more brown… Biden… Harris represent the demographics of what the country will be… Trump and Stephen Miller and Mike Pence represent a day that has passed"