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Riemann hypothesis likely remains unsolved despite claimed proof https://t.co/IRwBRJ1YwB
Infinity war: The ongoing battle over the world’s hardest maths proof https://t.co/SmBgCe2pBV
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Our telescopes are picking up searing flashes of radio waves – and no one can work out what’s producing them https://t.co/qyDrns2wOV
A gene editing trick could let us wipe out mosquitoes - and save millions from malaria https://t.co/b8AUMhyIet
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Evolution-defying DNA makes mosquitoes infertile by changing their sex https://t.co/7Ko2varAjr
Advancing Low Carbon programme director, Kathrina Mannion, talks about her STEM background, her career and her work at BP (Sponsored by BP @BP_plc ) https://t.co/s0blMIA6nK
Is dark energy real? New observations suggest we’ve got the story of the universe all wrong https://t.co/shrLwVC4rK
The whiff of sandalwood makes the human head sprout more hair https://t.co/suuBqWxdwt
The big slowdown: 6 reasons why UK life expectancy growth is stalling https://t.co/glLIwTWmtL
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