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Wall Street Journal reporter covering tech in India. Via Singapore, Bangkok, NYC, SC. @MAColumbiaJourn, @EmoryUniversity alum. Gracefully aging goalkeeper ⚽️ ?

Latest Scoops

“Her work is the strong­est paint­ing I’ve seen in a long time...When black peo­ple paint, we as­sume they’re deal­ing with race or pol­i­tics, and that’s a post­colo­nial prob­lem that was unan­swered un­til Njideka...She’s paint­ing her or­di­nary.” https://t.co/KxfdbQJQgy
“Kids say ‘Mom and Dad get all these boxes delivered; I want to open some of my own,’ or ‘Mom and Dad have these gender reveal parties, now I can have my own with my Hatchimal.’” https://t.co/X6zV4EIxxt
Google employees brainstormed, but didn’t implement, ways to alter search functions to counter Trump’s 2017 travel ban, internal emails show https://t.co/2LLfUq7zQ0
The government of Hong Kong has agreed to grant dependency visas to foreigners in same-sex unions, a step toward greater recognition of gay rights in the Chinese financial center, @natashakhanhk reports: https://t.co/qAl6Fbiutn
As recently as last year, Facebook pressed financial firms for the ability to use customer data flowing through its Messenger platform for a range of purposes, including advertising. Great get by @AAndriotis and @EmilyGlazerWSJ: https://t.co/p6bxAOJSA8
New: North Korea agrees to allow outside inspectors to visit its missile test site and said it would be open to decommissioning its nuclear-enrichment facility, bold gambit by leader Kim Jong Un. @JChengWSJ and Dasl Yoon have the story: https://t.co/mhq0orGHKF
With the Packers-Vikings game ending 29-29 this past weekend, the NFL had more draws than the English Premier League https://t.co/TxZIRkbdlS
“What the creators of these experiences have realized is that a lot of people want to take pictures of themselves in a museum, without going to a traditional museum.” https://t.co/elbSeeDASs
“The U.S. tariffs are pushing China toward making the higher-end stufff...It’s helping China be more competitive down the road.”

Important story from Shenzhen by @DanStrumpf and @Liz_in_Shanghai: https://t.co/dugrsCMqz8
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