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Wall Street Journal reporter covering tech in India. Via Singapore, Bangkok, NYC, SC. @MAColumbiaJourn, @EmoryUniversity alum. Gracefully aging goalkeeper ⚽️ ?

Latest Scoops

“I was in a pizzeria...when one of the workers yelled out that they were running out of 'house pies.' I asked, 'Are those the larger pizzas that you sell by the piece?' Without the least bit of embarrassment, the worker confirmed my suspicion.” https://t.co/0ltjEvUlMT
Samsung plans to close a Chinese smartphone factory in the next two weeks, a retrenchment that comes as it shifts manufacturing to India and its sales flounder in China. @timothywmartin has the story: https://t.co/5gaYnhsDV1
Thai Junta Lite: Election Season Brings Push for Medical Pot, Same-Sex Unions https://t.co/mSWAjWsgTD
In today's @ReliableSources, @brianstelter on Michael Cohen sentencing: "The Journal was right." https://t.co/kOjSIvxJ2G

Nov. 2016 scoop by @joe_palazzolo @mrothfeld @lalpert1

Of note: Both Piers and Barron are Arsenal fans, so there's that... https://t.co/RpjIHy42Cb
The National Enquirer's parent company has provided “substantial” assistance to investigators and agreed to future cooperation, prosecutors said. In exchange, the govt. said it won’t criminally prosecute the company for any campaign-finance violations. https://t.co/06RwgiddHp
Thoughts on (and pics of) the original Macintosh User Manual https://t.co/6HN9gi0ucj
“I look at it and it makes me itch. It gives me anxiety and anger — why wouldn’t they just put [the tree] in front of the A?” https://t.co/6BP1wAoCSq
Verizon is booking a $4.5 billion accounting charge related to its Oath media business, conceding that the company’s bet on high-profile internet properties hasn’t worked out as planned. https://t.co/PTOsC4GlDV
Just out: U.K. Conservative lawmakers trigger no-confidence vote over Theresa May’s leadership https://t.co/Nh23SIithm
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