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FOR THE LOVE OF STEVE, DUH! So hold tight baby darts — season 3 is officially happening.

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A NASA spacecraft descended to an asteroid Tuesday and, dodging boulders the size of buildings, momentarily touched the surface to collect a handful of cosmic rubble for return to Earth.

The #FastAndFurious  franchise is hitting the breaks after 11 films

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TOMORROW ON @GMA : Jonathan Mattingly, officer who carried out search warrant at Breonna Taylor’s apartment, speaks out in an interview with our @michaelstrahan .

@AndrewBrandt  takes us behind the scenes on what was going on in the war room when the Packers decided to take Aaron Rodgers. For Andrew's full appearance:

Emergency services responded to a house fire at #Ormeau  overnight. Thankfully, no injuries were reported but 80% of the home has been destroyed. See the full story, 5.30pm on #9News 

Whack-a-mole just isn't working. New York Post's Hunter Biden disinfo story goes massive on social media despite crackdowns

Have your say on the draft guidelines for the next round of the Mobile Black Spot Program by 4 November 2020. Your feedback will help shape how the round delivers improved #mobilecoverage  to more areas in regional and remote Australia

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Overall, Cathay Pacific will cut 8,500 positions or 24% of its normal headcount, but that includes 2,600 roles currently unfilled.

ICMR and national task force considering to delete plasma therapy from COVID treatment protocol guidelines as clinical trials show it does not reduce mortality or disease progression, reports @archanajsr