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The US Constitution grants freedom of speech in its First Amendment, but does not protect you from ridicule for being wrong.
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New: Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross violated his ethics agreement and submitted a financial disclosure form that “was not accurate,” according to the Office of Government Ethics. Ross reported he had sold bank stock that other reports indicate he did not sell.
Folks calling FBI’s actions an attempted “coup” should be asked why GOP members of the Gang of Eight did not then object when FBI alerted them to its investigation of the President in 2017, as McCabe has asserted.
If tonight’s “Supermoon" were a 16-inch pizza, then December 2018’s non-super Moon would be a 15.99-inch pizza.
We are seeing the long overdue shattering and reshaping of UK politics. Both major parties have failed the country absolutely when we needed them most. They have no answer to the crisis Cameron created having exposed the rest of us to the Tory civil war. They are beneath contempt
Tonight, you don’t have to be a werewolf 🐺 to appreciate the brightest and largest full Moon of the year. Ever wondered why they are called supermoons? Get your howl on here:
If anyone cares about objective reality, compare the size of the non-super Full Moon back in December with tonight’s “Supermoon”.
Look up! Tonight's #supermoon appears larger & brighter than any other full Moon this year.
Watch the moment these filmmakers became #Oscars nominees.
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** Check o@AstroAnnimalut 's recent interview wi@NPRth where she describes her journey from the moment she declared she would become an astronaut at 3 years old, to finally living out her dreams @Space_Stationon .
A discovery made by a citizen scientist is challenging our assumptions about how planetary systems evolve!👩‍🔬A volunteer w/ our Backyard Worlds project has found that the oldest & coldest known white dwarf star is encircled by rings of dust. Learn more:
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