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FYI: The lateral that @DangeRussWilson threw to @MikeDavisRB in Sunday’s @Seahawks @Eagles game was a legit “Galilean Transformation”. In their reference frame, the ball went backwards. It’s not their fault they ran forward faster than the ball.
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if a 16.1 inch pizza is “super" to you, compared with a 16.0 inch pizza, then we have an issue of vocabulary..
If last month’s Full Moon were a 16.0 inch pizza, then this month’s “Super” Moon would be 16.1 inches. I’m just saying.
FYI: The very concept of a Super Moon is an embarrassment to everything else we call super: Supernova, Supercollider, Superman, Super Mario Bros.
Likely half of all cave people died by age 12 from now-preventable causes. Insight not lost on the @NewYorker's Alex Gregory.
A Lunar Eclipse flat-Earther’s have never seen.
If I were a dead Salmon, I’d want to be Gravlax
Is it just me, or does the Tardigrade (from the neck down) resemble Miyazaki’s “Cat Bus” in his Totoro film.
The pudgy, lovable, mildly creepy, microscopic Tardigrade “WaterBear” would make a most excellent @Macys Thanksgiving Day parade balloon.
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If Classical Music concerts had progress bars, then people unfamiliar with the piece would never be confused when to clap at the end.
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