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For most of our life on Earth we either resist or succumb to the force of gravity. At Muscle Beach, gravity loses every time. (Venice, California - Sept 2016). https://t.co/6T511LQmFN
Sometimes I wonder whether Virtual Reality has gotten so good that we’ve lost all urge to invent the actual reality that it imitates.
In case your mind hasn’t been blown yet today: The speed of light through space is 670x faster than a million miles per hour
My back yard. 300 Moons ago.
My other car is a badass @NASA prototype Mars Rover.

Yesterday, @StephenAtHome and I borrowed one from @NASAKennedyKennedy Space Center and took it for a spin on Broadway.
Sometimes I wonder if the natural state of an electorate is to be lied to, by people in power, because believing lies almost always feels better than believing the truth.
If interested: "Life Out of Balance". [Money - online interview: 600 wds] https://t.co/aMio5qxfq0
The beginnings of a Truth Force: The National Academy of Sciences, chartered by President Lincoln in 1863, "provides objective, science-based advice on critical issues affecting the nation.” [Vid: 3min]. https://t.co/EU8KZ050vF
@TylerAtTheAxis A good start: The National Academy of Sciences, which “…provides objective, science-based advice on critical issues affecting the nation. "
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