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President of the Center for American Progress, progressive, Indian American, feminist, mom, wife. Not in that order. Views expressed are most definitely my own.

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Dear annoying game theorists,
22 million is going to be burned in over next few days. No slush fund will erase that.
Just to be crystal clear about this, loads of GOP senators up in 2020 and 15 million will lose coverage in 2018.
Is Lanhee Chan actually defending this ridic bill?
Why is GOP so bad at writing bills? Why rush through this monstrosity? Take your time. Don't destroy health care for so many.
Senator Collins said she would not vote for a bill that drops 20 million people. So she's a definite no, right?
An immoral monstrosity is an understatement.
Jesus Christ. 22 million. Just heartless monsters.
Senators aren't voting relative to health care law. They are voting relative to current law. That is what should matter.
Please share link and tell your friends
@PatMN33 @TulsiGabbard Glad she doesn't take corporate money. My concern is with her position supporting Russian bombing and excusing Assad. Stop w/ misinformation
@armandodkos I think he knows it's in trouble. The same people that told him to fire Comey are probably telling him going after D's on this is helpful.
@FredLope129 @MeGrimlock4 @mercedeslholmer @HoagCarol @JulieYankee @FITE4THEUSERS @Prohaskanation @painefultruths @Aloha_Analytics @KayInMaine @JDiviv @blasater @missjazzyfitnes @missypeppers @GeorgWebb @tracybeanz @JaredBeck @eleebeck @JackPosobiec @seanhannity @realDonaldTrump @POTUS @PearsonSharp @ScottTaylorTV @jonathandrich @Breeze_Luvr @OANN @therriaultphd @TGowdySC @donnabrazile @DWStweets @johnpodesta @thedonaldreddit @TulsiGabbard I don't think people who support Russian bombing in Syria and excuse Assad's murderous regime should cite Gandhi; and I'm Hindu.
@waide_kathy We will send out more info daily.But if you show up to the US Capitol on Wed at 5, you can join chain. It's a 5 min walk from Union Station
@SalustroC @TeaAdvisor W @KNeafsyherever you're writing that future, be sure to let us know as we defend Medicaid and 23 million people from losing health care.
@vickidau Have you read the senate bill? Keeps structure of the ACA just makes premiums more expensive. You may want to call your senator to oppose
@MeGrimlock4 @mercedeslholmer @HoagCarol @JulieYankee @FITE4THEUSERS @Prohaskanation @painefultruths @Aloha_Analytics @KayInMaine @JDiviv @blasater @missjazzyfitnes @missypeppers @GeorgWebb @tracybeanz @JaredBeck @eleebeck @JackPosobiec @seanhannity @realDonaldTrump @POTUS @PearsonSharp @ScottTaylorTV @jonathandrich @Breeze_Luvr @OANN @therriaultphd @TGowdySC @donnabrazile @DWStweets @johnpodesta @thedonaldreddit Are you ok? I have never deleted a feed. #conspiracymuch
There will be a faith vigil at night. Come when you can.
Listen up friends: human chain around the Capitol this Wed at 5 to save ACA. Please come into D.C. Nothing more imp than saving health care!
You do realize we have language in the platform on universal coverage. Feel free to read it.
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