Kamal Nath Digvijaya Singh / Shivraj Singh Chouhan / Crisis

WATCH | "It's a defeat of horse-trading attempts by Kamal Nath and Digvijaya Singh": BJP's Shivraj Singh Chouhan. LIVE now on and NDTV 24x7 Crisis#MadhyaPradesh  #MadhyaPradeshCrisis 

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Kamal Nath Digvijaya Singh / Shivraj Singh Chouhan / Crisis

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You're about to read the freshest post-payrolls sellside research ever written. Nobody had a template ready for this one.

Hey racists ... how does it feel to be losing your grip on America?! It's gonna be a long few years for you ... buckle up

CRAVITY's Serim is next in concept photos for 'Cloud 9'

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When things are so bad, you celebrate 37 million unemployed as opposed to 42 million.

For @Bandcamp 's latest no-fees day, we've compiled recent releases from black artists and labels, as well as fundraisers for black causes

“Who are we to remove hope?” Jim Gamble, who worked on the original Madeleine McCann investigation, tells #Newscast  that the German police shouldn’t say the missing girl is dead without providing evidence. Listen on BBC Sounds 🎧

We are stunned too. How many dead Americans now in addition to nearly 40 million unemployed?

Defence Minister's office says her understanding that an army inquiry into #Collins Khosa's death would be reopened was incorrect. The inquiry, which found the soldiers who assaulted Khosa didn't cause his death, stands. | @azarrahk  & @SheldonMorais 

110,000 dead Americans, 40 million unemployed, but look kids, a balloon! #RemoveTrumpNow