The 3 Capitals’ fiasco will not only make administration messier but will also kill AP’s prospects as an investment destination hurting the future of millions of youngsters passing out of colleges #APWithAmaravati 

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This year Burkina Faso has seen a 1,200% increase in forced displacement. That's not a typo. It's a nightmare.

'Gun girl' mocked and chased out of Ohio University by hundreds of students

Where were the porters? Where were the police? Why did no one intervene to stop this appalling act of vandalism? | @allisonpearson 

#Trump latest: - President condemned for pardoning 11 white collar criminals - Attorney general Bill Barr 'considering resigning' - Pete Buttigieg mocks president over Stormy Daniels affair

UK refuses to include Elgin marbles in Brexit trade talks after EU negotiation draft leak

Andrew Stephenson appointed minister for HS2 rail link The MP for Pendle in Lancashire also has responsibility for the Transpennine and Northern Powerhouse Rail routes

Top EU official (head of bailout fund ESM), and Former Merkel advisor, to Costa-Gavras, of 'Z' and 'Missing' fame: Don't make “Adults in the Room” - the movie based on Varoufakis' book. [Gavras ignored him and made the movie anyway!]

Watch: Well know entrepreneur and chairperson of Biocon@kiranshaw  talks about her visit to Mohalla Clinic.