America's Got Talent

SCREAMING!!! ? ? is blessing the stage NEX #AGT  WEDNESDAY. RETWEET if you are FREAKING OUT about ! #BTSonAGT 

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No surprise that the person currently occupying the White House doesn't pay taxes. I do. So do you. And so does Joe! #JoePaysHisTaxes  Support Joe & Kamala here! #TrumpTaxReturns  #BidenHarrisLandslide2020 

Just finished the full NYT article on Trump’s many years of tax frauding and evading. But if you want a briefer overview, read this. Has jewels like how Ivanka racks up consultant fees from the Trump Organization while also being a paid executive. Crooks.

New report reveals Donald Trump hasn’t paid income taxes in 10 of the last 15 years, according to investigation by the NYT.

Salesforce will add 4K jobs over the next 6 months & 12K over the next year. Join our 54K employee strong Ohana defining the future of software. Salesforce is the worlds fastest growing Top 5 enterprise software company. Send your resume to job @salesforce .com. @salesforcejobs 

There were two enormous mountains on the horizon, identical and symmetrical- "what's that?" we asked... "coal" said our hosts

Katie Price sings she's 'broken and nobody can see it' in pointed new single