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Alexey Navalny

Основатель Фонда борьбы с коррупцией, лидер партии Россия Будущего.

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1/6 It has been exactly two years since I returned to Russia. I have spent these two years in prison. When you write a post like this, you have to ask yourself: How many more of such anniversary posts will you have to write?

1/8 My latest break from the punishment cell didn't last long - exactly one day. I was released on Monday, and then locked up again yesterday. This time I got 12 days for "using the word 'fuck' (sorry) in a conversation with a cellmate".

1/13 It's amazing with how much delight and schadenfreude our propagandists (in my case, the radio in my cell) talk about the destruction of Ukraine's energy system. Basking in joy, they report how many cities have been left without power, how many people have no heat,

1/9 A regular and joyful event in my life - getting out of the punishment cell - now looks quite mundane. They just take me out of the last cell of the long corridor and bring me to the first one, but on our way we enter the search room, where I change my clothes.

2/9 After all, there must be order in everything: while I am in the punishment cell (ShIZO), there must be huge stenciled letters "ShIZO" on the back of my shirt, and if I am put in the "cell-type room" (PKT), then the letters "PKT" must be on the back of my shirt as well.

1/6 I already quoted this great phrase in my last words, but Luna Lovegood's words from a Harry Potter book matter so much to the world we live in that I'll gladly quote it again:

4/6 The Voldemorts of our world, Putin, Lukashenko, Khamenei and Maduro, want us, those who refuse to submit to their power, to feel alone, abandoned, miserable and forgotten before their machines of lies, corruption and dehumanization.

1/4 The main torment of imprisonment is, of course, the inability to see the faces of your family, to talk to your loved ones. I haven't had any visits for 8 months and yesterday I was told that I’d be transferred to a cell-type facility for the maximum possible term of 6 months.


9 years. Well, as the characters of my favorite TV series “The Wire” used to say: “You only do two days. That's the day you go in and the day you come out" I even had a T-shirt with this slogan, but the prison authorities confiscated it, considering the print extremist.

1/15 Hi! Don't laugh, but I'm back in the SHU. They let me out Sunday night, and Monday afternoon they locked me up again, making no secret of the fact that I won't be getting out of this hole again. I finally know what I'm in jail for though! In this regard, a little statement.

1/8 The prosecutor asked for 13 years in a strict regime colony for me.

1/28 Putin's war with Ukraine has been going on for 6 months now. From Day 1, Western leaders firmly stated  that Putin's oligarchs and bribe-takers would face imminent sanctions and wouldn’t get away this time. But they did. This is a rage thread about almost nothing being done.

1/31 Truth and free information hit Putin's insane regime just as hard as Javelins. This is a thread about opening the second front against the war criminal from the Kremlin — the informational front.

My new sentence has not yet entered into force, but I’ve heard rumors that I’ll be transferred to the high security colony in Melekhovo, where convicts get their fingernails pulled out. Well, at least I'll have an excuse to use this trendy emoji 💅

1/16 Yesterday I watched the “session of the Security Council”, this gathering of dotards and thieves (it seems to me that our Anti-Corruption Foundation has done investigations into the corruption of every single one of them).

1/10 9 years of strict regime. My space flight is taking a bit longer than expected - the ship is caught in a time loop. It occurred to me that my role in this saga is similar to that guy from Interstellar.