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Our mission is to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends. Working in 69 countries, all 50 U.S. states and your backyard.

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“This return of a part of our reservation, in a natural condition much as our ancestors would recognize it and which we will continue to restore, is helping us to heal the land and as a tribe." https://t.co/vHQS6UN50u
The freshwater fishing industry is a vital economic resource, worth $90 billion annually in the United States alone. Learn how we’re protecting rivers across the globe: https://t.co/7IeMtJKkGB
Creative thinking led to a program that creates on-demand pop-up wetlands when large groups of migratory birds are flying through.

Who will think up the next great idea for our planet? #EarthOptimism2018 https://t.co/uAovBOkX1G
If soy production increases, how do we avoid further conversion of natural areas in the Amazon and Cerrado?

Luckily, one solution is a click away: https://t.co/7BGcR55dFm
In honor of #WorldFishMigrationDay, we’re offering a free download of “From Sea to Source,” a new book co-authored by Nature Conservancy Scientist @JRoyte. Download here: https://t.co/R1vFkz5fkc
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To be successful and sustainable, conservation and development initiatives must:
-Have engagement and leadership of the people with the greatest stake in the outcome
-Be guided by traditional knowledge and values.

#WeAreIndigenous #UNPFII17 https://t.co/WZMkKpy8wp
#WorldFishMigrationDay: Nearly half of the world’s population—3 billion people—depend on fish as a source of protein. Learn how we’re protecting fisheries across the globe: https://t.co/0U2kzu1YA4
Over the past 40 years, we’ve seen a 40% decline in global migratory #fish populations. But, we’re hoping to turn things around: https://t.co/INnxtlhY1w
More than 2.3 billion additional people are expected to reside in the world’s urban areas by 2050. And all those new urban dwellers will need water. @RobIMcDonald for @PubHealthPost https://t.co/kQMNIz1IK1
More well-managed forests mean more carbon sequestered from the atmosphere — and that means a better chance at mitigating climate change. (via @GreenBiz) https://t.co/p8ydaHFwFf
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