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Our mission is to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends. Working in 69 countries, all 50 U.S. states and your backyard.

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We need your help! We’re scouring the globe for the best examples of fighting climate change through small changes to people's behavior (like replacing woodstoves w/ solar ovens in Haiti). If you've put an idea to action, enter #SolutionSearch by Aug 7 https://t.co/TXaQL11Q5H
Reflecting the majority of Americans, cities, states, & businesses have decided the#WeAreStillIn Paris Agreement. rel@AmericasPledgeeased 10 key areas where we can establish a low-carbon future. Nature itself provides a lot of opportunity: https://t.co/Sn7vAUa6wa
What if we thought about the planet as we would the love of our life? Artist @janellekroll's music video "Walk With You" draws a tangible connection to climate change. https://t.co/lJ0cS4iHEq
How Myanmar's timber elephants are able to keep forest loss from logging to a minimum: https://t.co/tld9Gwqee8
Coral reefs provide a bedrock of benefits. Protection, food, income, tourism, beauty. https://t.co/VSB37hKESX #IYOR2018
"Ahead of me, our guide turns around, looks me in the eye, and draws his thumb across his throat. I don’t need to speak Burmese to understand what that gesture means. We need to leave. Now." Encountering illegal loggers in Myanmar: https://t.co/MB2oTcg3x6
Water is often viewed through the lens of quantity and quality. But if we really want to tackle water challenges, we must focus on water security. https://t.co/BFFfD4g1GB
Released this week, the #AmericasPledge Opportunity Agenda highlights 10 key areas where cities, states, & businesses can curb carbon emissions and lay the groundwork for America’s low-carbon future––without action on the federal level https://t.co/Sn7vAUa6wa#WeAreStillIn
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