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This week on the Nature Careers Science Diversified podcast: Two male researchers talk about becoming gender-equity allies after witnessing how female colleagues were treated in meetings and job interviews. Listen here:

Learn some top techniques for developing a CV and targeting specific job applications in this two-part webcast.

Researchers have created tiny, brain-like ‘organoids’ that contain a gene variant harboured by two extinct human relatives, Neanderthals and Denisovans.

In November, the American Physical Society, which has more than 55,000 members, announced that it will consider police conduct when choosing cities for future meetings. The organization is so far unique among US scientific societies in taking this step.

This week on Nature’s Coronapod: A repository with millions of data points will track COVID-19 immunity and variant spread and could help answer some of the coronavirus’s biggest questions. Listen here.

Humans are not the only animals who can pay a price for being alone. Researchers have found that solitary giraffes are less likely to survive than gregarious ones. #ResearchHighlight 

An analysis of more than 26 million scientific studies published by more than 4 million researchers between 2000 and 2015 has found that by 2015, the top 1% most-cited authors accounted for 21% of all citations.


More than 90 vaccines are being developed against SARS-CoV-2 across the world. At least six groups have begun injecting formulations into volunteers in safety trials. Here is a graphical guide explaining each vaccine design. #COVID19 

Editorial: Many PhD students and postdoctoral researchers are overworked and overstressed — and their mental health is suffering because of it.

Katie Bouman led the creation of an algorithm that helped capture the first ever image of a black hole. We asked her what this breakthrough means for science. For more reaction from other scientists, visit our YouTube channel:

Scientists say that the suggestion that pangolins are the animal source of the coronavirus outbreak seems plausible based on a genetic analysis, but they also caution that the researchers’ work is yet to be published in full.

Editorial: The US Department of Health and Human Services proposes to establish a legal definition of whether someone is male or female based on the genitals they are born with. This proposal has no foundation in science and should be abandoned.

A Nature paper reports the discovery of the earliest and largest known monumental structure built by the Maya civilization to date.

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Today we join #ShutDownSTEM  #ShutDownAcademia  #Strike4BlackLives . We will not publish Nature today and will instead take time to focus on what we can do better, and plan how we can play our part in eradicating anti-Black racism in academia and STEM.

Why Nature supports Joe Biden for US president: He is the nation’s best hope to begin to repair damage to science and the truth — by virtue of his policies and his leadership record in office, as a former vice-president and as a senator.