Natasha Mitchell??

Natasha Mitchell??

Host & producer,Science Friction (2017-), AllintheMind (2002-12). Host @RNLifeMatters (2012-16), @RadioNational @ABCScience. Past VP @WFSJ. @KSJatMIT fellow. MC

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Did someone send themselves in the mail? Bon voyage. What a way to travel.

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Fun day visiting native & indigenous coastal gardens. Exquisite. Love the generosity and warmth of communities and households that get involved in #OpenGardens  events. Thanks #ANGAIR 

"The EPA estimates there are 7 to 10 million litres of chemicals still inside the burnt-out and partially collapsed warehouse" "...14 months after the fire - raises serious concerns about @EPA_Victoria 's handling of the investigation.." via @theage 


"She turned to me and said: “I think that may have been the best three minutes of my life.”"

"Every Thursday, without fail, Mr Mullins catches a train from Anglesea to North Melbourne. It's about two-and-a-half hours each way...For 44 years, the now-81-year-old has been preparing and handing out food from the St Vincent de Paul Society's soup van"


"New research from University of Wollongong's says welfare fraud was always low & now even lower; at about 0.02 per cent of entire welfare population" "Why politicians can no longer get away with demonising the poor" #ausvotes 

We travel. On an 86 tram full of flowers, receiving more at each & every stop. To Bundoora. Where Aiia Maasarwe should have made it home from safely. #AiiaMaasarwe 

Pls RT. Dear Twitterverse, can you help spread word? I'd like to hear from UK/European scientists & grad students whose lives & research are/might/will be variously affected by #Brexit . Can be confidential. DM me or mitchell.natash @abc Thanks! #Science  #ECRchat  #phdchat 

Shows come & go,but that ABC is asking entire TV Science reporter team to walk is a tragedy for journalism.Nowhere in Oz has these expertise

So lay off one of our most experienced journalists and correspondents () Enough is enough. "Response to The Australian: Emma Alberici"

Age 25. Just starting her adult life with all its potential & possibilities. Not this. And those words "no fixed address" also make me feel ill & despair. She is a mother's daughter. "Woman found dead in Melbourne park identified as Courtney Herron"

Why we need flowering gums as street trees. This is the littlest dwarf eucy, feeding a bounty of bees. Bees in turn give us bounty.

Very sad news. The fragility of a history of childhood abuse lives on. Rest in strength, resilience and peace. "ABC pays tribute to You Can't Ask That contributor" via #YouCantAskThat 

"Because I am a f****en miracle" ~ Dr Stuart Kidd. 1957-2018. Look after each other. Go gently on people everywhere, especially those willing to name their vulnerability to help others understand and heal. #YouCantAskThat 

"gun porn". "If I said that to the public.." "You've got to get to the moms.." "Get them used to the flavour.." "Start looking at women's shooting range programs.." "We'd have the testicles of the government.." "The headlock & 9mm to the back of the head.." #HowToSellAMassacre