Parliament / Triple Talaq / Muslim

If the Congress was sincere about the empowerment of women, they should have allowed Parliament to function. They did not allow the passage of the bill abolishing Triple Talaq. Congress' injustice towards Muslim women has not gone down well among the Muslim community.

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Parliament / Triple Talaq / Muslim

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This smear was disgusting the first time around. This attempt to revive it is beyond disgusting and speaks to the dishonesty of leading organs of the mainstream media. They are corrupt.

The special gesture of President@realDonaldTrump  to join us in Houston highlights the strength of the relationship and recognition of the contribution of the Indian community to American society and economy. #HowdyModi 

And frankly, no matter where this latest drone strike was launched from, there is no short or long term upside to the U.S. military getting more deeply involved in the growing regional contest between the Saudis and Iranians.

Washington Post publishes its version of New York Times Kavanaugh bombshell in which two unidentified intermediaries decline to talk about 35 year-old alleged incident which alleged victim is said not to remember. Democrats demand impeachment.

3/ The Houthis are a group of Shia tribes in northern Yemen who practice a distinct form of Islam called Zaidism. In the 1980s, the Saudis began a campaign to push Sunni Wahabism into Houthi areas, creating massive friction with Houthi communities.

A new sexual misconduct accusation against Justice Brett Kavanaugh in the @nytimes  echoes previous Yale allegation.

I love writing emails on Sunday night because no one writes back. 😜 But… On Monday morning, my inbox is like...

@TomFitton : #Comey  misled both the FBI/Congress about his handling of these docs. It is going to be up to Judicial Watch to try to obtain full justice & full accountability for this terrible misconduct that goes to the heart of our justice system." READ:

In Canada, anything is possible. You’re an inspiration, @Bandreescu_  and we’re all so proud of you. 🎾 #SheTheNorth  #SheTheChamp 

8/ The cholera outbreak (the result of water treatment plants being destroyed) is the worst in recorded world history. Houthis refuse to let food & medicine reach contested areas. Saudis drop bombs on hospitals and school buses. Bottom line - it's the ugliest war on the planet.