Democracy Deliver / Democracy Delivered

Yes, Democracy Can Deliver. Yes, Democracy Has Delivered.

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Democracy Deliver / Democracy Delivered

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Virginia!! I need you to get out and vote for our incredible candidate for governor, and my friend @TerryMcAuliffe . The stakes are too high for you to sit on the sidelines—VOTE!!

Democrats need to face the consequences of their disastrous policies. That’s why I introduced the Stop the SURGE Act. If tens of thousands of illegal aliens were to arrive in Democrat communities and at their cocktail parties, maybe that would get Joe Biden to enforce the law?

Anyone who engages in violence or threats of violence is stepping over the line of protected speech. Whether you are storming the Capitol or threatening members of your local school board with violence, it does not matter. Free speech does not include the incitement of violence.

“We will have plenty of time to discuss that,” Raphael Warnock just told me when asked about McConnell’s endorsement of Herschel Walker in #gasen . He then added of Walker: “Has he moved to Georgia yet?”

The bottom line: The Biden administration views parents' influence over their children's education as secondary to the will and whims of school board members and teacher unions.

what a mess of a negotiation never seen anything like it

On this day 3 years ago we experienced the deadliest anti-Semitic attack in America’s history at the Tree of Life Synagogue. 11 precious lives were lost & many more forever changed. May their memories be a blessing & a reminder to speak out against hate & violence.

Senate spouses dinner at the Library of Congress

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