Addressing healthcare workers and vaccine beneficiaries of Goa.

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This is how bad it has gotten. A journalist discovers a security lapse in a state data base. Before publishing story they notify Governor’s office so they can fix it before it is exposed. Does the Governor thank them? No….He threatens to put them in jail.

Joe Manchin, who owns stock in a coal brokerage company, is trying to kill legislation to replace coal-fired power plants with clean energy. I'm shocked! Absolutely shocked!

Prime Minister@BorisJohnson  paid tribute to Sir David Amess MP in Leigh-on-Sea.

The scariest part about this may be not just that he is that dumb or vindictive, but that he has no one around him smart or strong enough to say “Wait Governor, this might not be a good idea.”

A batch of 38 young doctors who served at a special #Covid19  hospital in Delhi during the coronavirus outbreak were inducted into the #ITBP  on Saturday. @saharajitendra  Full story:

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Predicting how Brentford vs Chelsea will play out tonight

Chorus grows within Congress to make Rahul Gandhi president. India Today’s Anand Patel@patelanandk ) shares with us latest updates. #ITVideo  #CWCMeet  #Politics 

This is meant to be ironic, but it seems totally correct to me that in every given congressional fight over major legislation, the press does a poor job of conveying the policy stakes relative to the political process stuff.

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