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Anyone upset at possible job losses in the coal mining industry in 30 years time is really going to lose it when they learn what's happened in the university sector over the last couple of years.

We need historic investments in child care. Our economy cannot work unless families have safe, reliable options they can afford.

Welcome 2 Pres Biden’s America where Americans are STILL left behind in Afghanistan by this commander in chief Unacceptable!

By the way, Schiff claims Mueller was so senile in 2019 that it was "heartbreaking" to watch him try to form complete thoughts. At the time, Mueller was 75 years old: 3 years younger than Joe Biden is now.

I’ve also kept my plaid suit in the closet for just such a comeback.

Ross Gittins is having none of the shit today. None of it. Morrison’s tricky deal: Nationals rewarded for agreeing to harm the regions

Gary Neville: Solskjaer and Man United coaches ‘have to take blame’

Manchin signaling he’s open to $1.75T for social safety net bill, per source briefed on matter, but it’s unclear where the price tag will end up and what they’ll settle on after today’s meeting.

Witness in Aryan Khan case drops extortion bombshell, NCB chief rubbishes allegations #AryanKhanDrugCase  #MumbaiCruiseCase  #RE