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Where conventions fail, innovation helps.

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I don’t want to live in an America where billionaires who pay nothing in income taxes rocket out into space, but middle-class families are thrown out of their homes.

It’s a disgrace that the eviction moratorium is about to expire. Rent is due tomorrow. In case anyone forgot, we've been going through a deadly pandemic that caused an economic crisis. We can’t allow families to be thrown out on the street. Congress and the White House must act.

In March, @SenatorMenendez  and I put a provision in the COVID relief bill to make any student loan forgiveness tax-free. I'm glad this policy is helping HBCU borrowers, and I hope it will help a lot more students soon when the President takes action to #CancelStudentDebt  .

People become refugees not by choice, but forced by circumstances. Resettlement in another country is a life-saving option available for only the most vulnerable among them. More from @Refugees :

Read Saturday WSJ “on censorshipBIG TECH has no both ways” “They achieved this dominance w substantial government privileges, including privileges they sought for serving as a conduit for information. So they can be regulated as common carriers,,,,”

While we’re fortunate to have an eviction moratorium bridge in place in Washington state, a national eviction crisis would put an unprecedented strain on the entire country and upend countless lives—at a time when the Delta variant is surging.

We need to extend the eviction moratorium—it's a matter of public health as well as a looming economic crisis, and the GOP should be working with us to do it. As we seek legislative solutions, I urge the admin & state & local gov'ts to explore all options to keep people housed.

Went to BRICK FAIR with my 11 year old in Virginia today — some very cool and creative stuff here.

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@PresElectBiden : “Meeting the moment on climate change must begin with a recognition that every nation has a responsibility and every nation is at risk.” More: .

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I have drug pricing bills the pharmaceutical co don’t like but sure back them when they now fighting minimum international tax Biden and Yellen promoting