Narendra Modi

World class infrastructure for a better tomorrow. #HTLS2019 

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Reply to this tweet to wish Kamala a happy birthday!

It's October 20th, and President Trump still doesn’t have an adequate national testing strategy.

Two weeks before election, the president calls for his attorney general to launch a federal investigation into his rival. “The attorney general has to act.”

It’s a shame to see AEI scholar regurgitating left-wing talking points that are demonstrably false. The GOP had both Houses of Congress in 2017. We COULD have tried to pack the Court if we wanted to. But we DIDN’T—nobody even suggested it—because it would destroy the judiciary.

🇪 UG 🇧 I spoke again to @DavidGHFrost  today. My message: we should be making the most out of the little time left. Our door remains open.

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump’s sprawling political operation has raised well over $1 billion since he took the White House in 2017 — and set a lot of it on fire.