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Our Home Minister @AmitShah  Ji has  been continuously working towards ensuring a better life for the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. His commitment and diligence is clearly visible in the passage of these Bills. I would like to specially congratulate Amit Bhai! @HMOIndia 

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Ji / Jammu / Kashmir Ladakh / Bills / Amit Bhai

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A special gesture by @POTUS , signifying the special friendship between India and USA! Delighted that President @realDonaldTrump  will join the community programme in Houston on the 22nd. Looking forward to joining the Indian origin community in welcoming him at the programme.

And frankly, no matter where this latest drone strike was launched from, there is no short or long term upside to the U.S. military getting more deeply involved in the growing regional contest between the Saudis and Iranians.

BREAKING: Purdue Pharma, maker of OxyContin, filed for bankruptcy Sunday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court for Southern District of New York.

Washington Post publishes its version of New York Times Kavanaugh bombshell in which two unidentified intermediaries decline to talk about 35 year-old alleged incident which alleged victim is said not to remember. Democrats demand impeachment.

@TomFitton  on the IG report & #Comey : “This failure to prosecute Comey by the DOJ virtually guarantees there will be no prosecutions on the coup targeting President@realDonaldTrump .” READ:

@TomFitton : #Comey  misled both the FBI/Congress about his handling of these docs. It is going to be up to Judicial Watch to try to obtain full justice & full accountability for this terrible misconduct that goes to the heart of our justice system." READ:

Joe Biden campaigns in Miami: "We have to unite this country. Now I know the pundits on television and many others in my party tell me that's naive. I love it. 'He's the second oldest guy running but he's naive.'"

I congratulate Hindustan Times@htTweets  for a wonderful initiative - full page series on life of Mahatma Gandhi-the greatest Indian ever. Our calender this year is also on 720 days Gandhiji spent in Delhi during his 80 visits. We'll happy to share all details from our archives

American Renewal: The Kids Are Right: Our Economic System And The Threats To Freedom