Unveiling / Gandhi Ji Seoul

Bapu’s voice reverberates globally! Unveiling a bust of Gandhi Ji in Seoul.

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Unveiling / Gandhi Ji Seoul

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#FactCheck Since lawyer Rajeev Dhavan appeared in the headlines for tearing the Ayodhya map in Supreme Court, it has created a buzz on social media as well (Report: @journovidya 

The evolution of advanced information environments is rapidly creating a new category of possible aggression: efforts to manipulate or disrupt the information foundations of the effective functioning of economic and social systems.

The faith-based organization Vote Common Good aims to help Democrats win over the evangelicals who are becoming disenchanted with President Trump.

US proposed helping North Korea build tourist area as part of nuclear talks: report

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"Building a nation based on fairness, compassion and justice is the core of Bernie’s message. I’m here to tell you #BerniesBack , he’s healthy and he's more than ready to continue his lifelong struggle to fight for the working people of America." - @janeosanders 

Filmmaker @MMFlint  is now leading the crowd here in a “too old” call-back chant. People say Bernie’s “too old,” Moore says. “You know what’s too old?” The electoral college, student loan debt,” he continues. “Superdelegates— what’s that?” “TOO OLD,” the crowd shouts back.

“They want to talk about Bernie’s health, but what about the health of the planet” @MMFlint 

Four psychological impediments often get in the way of successful peacemaking by the United States, @johnnybwalsh  writes in @ForeignPolicy .

Impeachment: a citizen's guide. (Focused not on current events but on the meaning of our founding document, and some long-lost aspects of our nation's inspired, inspiring history.)