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Narendra Modi
when it comes to bharat ratnas those who ruled the nation for 55 years had a fixed approach the award for some
When it comes to Bharat Ratnas, those who ruled the nation for 55 years had a fixed approach- the award for some was reserved the moment they were born while others were ignored.

Atal Ji’s Government and the present NDA Government honoured two greats from Assam.

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Donald J. Trump
congratulations to gary woodland in winning the united states open golf championship fantastic playing great h
Congratulations to Gary Woodland in winning the United States Open Golf Championship. Fantastic playing, great heart - there will be more in Gary’s future!
Zeke Miller
tv minded trump asks mulvaney to leave while he s coughing trump if youre going to cough please leave the room
TV-minded Trump asks Mulvaney to leave while he's coughing TRUMP: If you’re going to cough, please leave the room. You just can’t, you just can’t cough.
The Hill
@thehill 2 hours
watch trump fires back at stephanopoulos in testy exchange you re being a little wise guy
WATCH: Trump fires back at Stephanopoulos in testy exchange: "You're being a little wise guy"
The Hill
@thehill 2 hours
just in former southern baptist pastor who supported publicly texas bill that would have criminalized abortion
JUST IN: Former Southern Baptist pastor who supported publicly Texas bill that would have criminalized abortions has been charged with child sex abuse
Kamala Harris
together lets build an america where teachers are paid their value where health care is a right not a privileg
Together, let’s build an America where teachers are paid their value. Where health care is a right, not a privilege. Where children can go to school without mass shootings. This is the America I believe in and know we can be.
Maggie Haberman
trump hustled mulvaney out of the oval officr for coughing during the interview leavetheroom mulvaneycough
Trump hustled Mulvaney out of the Oval Officr for coughing during the interview. #leavetheroom #mulvaneycough
Karen Tumulty
some people thought slavery was pretty bad
Some people thought slavery was pretty bad —
ABC News Politics
in an exclusive interview with pres trump says health care will be a primary focus in his reelection campaign
In an exclusive interview with @GStephanopoulos, Pres. Trump says health care will be a primary focus in his reelection campaign.

“We already have the concept of the plan,” which he says will be announced “in about two months, maybe less.”
Judicial Watch ?
on if theres anything watergate related its the action of the obama admin the unprecedented spying on that in
.@TomFitton on @LouDobbs: "If there’s anything Watergate related, it’s the action of the Obama admin. The unprecedented spying on @realDonaldTrump that involved DOJ, NSA & CIA. Obama makes Nixon look like a piker in terms of abusive power to destroy his political enemy."
Nancy Pelosi
last week the largest bipartisan congressional delegation ever went to normandy france to honor amp confirm ou
Last week, the largest bipartisan Congressional delegation ever went to Normandy, France, to honor & confirm our commitment to America’s heroes who participated in the D-Day landings. Here are a few moments that stood out.
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